Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Own First Mainland Sail

My very Own First Mainland Sail
So with the bitter cold windy days and nights of late ,Breezy decided to take a little Private mainland sail .. This is Hattori a private place breezy calls home ..
What better place to break in her very own new sail boat *warm smile*
as people get to know me two things are really important !
(1) being humble
(2) do like yourself ..
sometimes the best way to achieve these things are not only be kind to all alas but spending some good quality time with Yourself .. sure Family time is most important , alas something special about some good all alone time to think things Thur ...
these are the little things that can make all the difference in the world .. I think we each know enough blow harts in real life, that the idea to run into one in the privacy of our own homes on a computer .. sigh.. it happens .. and simply put one must just make a mental note, step back and yes turn the page .. In time it will come out and show to all .. in time (not always ours) the truth does always reveal its dear self !

The Sail boat a dream in itself .. a gift from Santa himself on Christmas Day !!
Now being a SeaBreeze from the heart I did break right into her Christmas Morning but really had not made the time to really let her rip !!1
WoW !!!! she handles like a dream !!
Weeeeeeeeeeeeee and she took the waves everyone and turned and maneuvered so well !!
The Trudeau Cat Racers -HUD and Craft are brilliant indeed !!!
Not one challenge upset her it was no pun intended a pure breeze to sail her and it felt good and was a great deal of fun !!! I started out slow and picked up a bit with practice on turns and the such .. i did take her out later on the open linden sea .. She rides so fast and slick ..
It really did feel like a real life Sail !!!!
The animations and the glide was a delight and the feelings that came over me *grins* not a care in the world .. it was a remarkable experience .. and I highly recommend her to and for all !!
but what made her extra special was that she was a gift .. and What a delightful perfect selection . In no time I lost an hour .. hence time sure does fly when one is having fun again !!
After a bit of practice , The tight turn were mastered well .. and the breeze was on her merry way !
Thank YOU for taking the time to read about my little adventure

This was fun and perhaps I shall more .. sigh .. it all depends where the wind blows me
ah home sweet home !!1

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