Thursday, February 5, 2009

New England Winters are cold in more ways then none
... The economy .. Sigh ..
I am watching businesses coming undone daily ..
I am seeing good friends in either world go thru some difficult times.
Yet the thing that blows my mind is the lack of consideration from others .
I do not think there is anyone who lives breaths does this thing calling living that is not effected with what is going on in the world .
Try for a loan , new car ?? mortgage ?? ah new credit card ?
Not happening anytime soon for most
How about a new job .. Most likely going to be waiting a spell there as well .
Well here is the good news as long as YOU have a roof over your head and electric and yes Your health then there is half the battle .
Yes it is bad out there but it is not the end of the world !!
We will all survive this and we will all come our alright .
But now more then ever gosh try kindness for a spell .
"When I was young, I used to admire intelligent people;
as I grow older, I admire kind people."
Abraham Joshua Heschel
I wonder how people that use manipulation of others as a past time really live with themselves.
For in the end these are the people that cause the most damage and the ones that have been manipulated sigh it is we as population that has to pay the price .
You see when one lives a full life there is really no place to hide .. or there can be every and anyplace to hide ..
Accountability is an interesting and wonderful thing !!
I think people need to find their own balance .
Sure we all gotta pay taxes and die
but other then that We really are all on our own .
Oh an education is wise choice tenfold . But let's face it now more then ever people are not even finishing high school never mind college .
So what ?? What does that mean ...
It means people are stepping out with out an education and I do not mean the ABC's or algebra skills here .. I mean the morals and values and skills to respect and interact with all not because you want something but rather because it is the right thing to do ..
This is a Blog of my thoughts I am a giving and thoughtful conservative ..
Hate me I have a college degree and like guns and money !!
and I am worthless with out spell check ... *grins*
I believe in paying it forward with a soul intent that I hope i did a good deed
and it will help another ..
I do not do it because I want something or expect something I do it
because at this stage of my life I have worked hard and am able ..
But I will say something .. Cross me .. ah trash me .. detest me all You want
I shall not become a cold person . Because when I am finished internalizing the situation and perhaps confronting the issue .. down the road when things seem different I guess that's why .
Down the road when I write about depth and experience it is because I have walked a walk and a path that entitled me to be me ..
I believe I am responsible because I am good to someone else because if I can recycle and be good to another then indeed I am OK and Your OK ..
No more no less .. I Respect another till they give me a reason not to
*shrugs* we move on.. No more no less ..
Oh if You think this blog is about YOU then YOU do not know me ..
Its that simple because the people that do know me know just what I am writing about ..
I am writing about each of our actions speaking louder then words .
When you have done and continue to do for others be it strangers neighbors or friends ..
in any and all worlds really
When YOU have and know how to give from your heart with no conditions
(( as this is all is so not about money))
well then ((humble view)) I think that is when another gets it !!
Please know lots and lots of people I know in any world really do give and do so daily
Infact it really is dare I say Most fun and feels really good to do
To all of The Good People that do a great Big Hug and Bigger Thank YOU !!!

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