Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Each Dawn Breaks ...with gentle thoughts ....
ahh deep soft gentle thoughts..wakes up .. stretches ..slips on my pink ugg slippers ..
. washes my face and brushes my teeth ..ahh .smells the coffee brewing ..aren't timers great..
walks down the hallway to the kitchen and sees the flowers on buffet ah they are so pretty and still alive !! Pours a cup with some steam non fat milk on top in a pretty mug .. gazes out the french doors .
smiles as I watch the cardinals feed... so close they be ..gosh.. I love to watch them !!
listens to the morning doves ..opens one of the french doors eases on the storm and lets

out little Maddy .. laughs at her jumps thru the snow ! A Keshound she be always with a smile for me !
what is it girl .. No Timmy isn't the well .. Maddy there is no well .. no barn ..
smiles .. The crack of dawn my utmost favorite time of Day !!!!
there is so much going on even in my secret winter garden ..
grins with hopes of spring .. not for a spell .. alas I can imagine ..
I can think and day dream at each day break ..Ah My Mind glides thru so free in good thoughts at this time
Ah the power of a new day .. the thoughts we keep ..
The secret private thoughts we hold deep .. secrets to ourselves . hoping someday maybe .. perhaps .
ponders . nahh .. not yet .. nods in time ..
I think these thoughts are perhaps what give each of us our edge
and for those that have no edge no hope no personal private thoughts umm I do not know ..

Takes another sip of my morning brew .. blows my bangs from my face .. chuckles at the change ..
and at what remains the same .. notices Mr Squirrel trying to get up the bird feeder's house slides down .. tried again ..
laughs .. ah Time for the blue birds must be getting later .. ahh time to really kick in and start the day ..
Sigh .. says some silent quiet prayers ..and starts this thing we call life in today the gift the present it is meant to be !!
lets Maddy gal back in brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it's cold out thank goodness

for radiant heat floors aye gal awwwww
as i dry off each one of her .. chilled paws ..Indeed Avalon the real Avalon a true mind set of Magic indeed !1

Twirlsssssss as always icluded and on the house ......... ha !

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