Saturday, March 7, 2009

~Fly Me To The Moon~

alright Perhaps the flight to the moon is pushing it .. grins .. let's just shoot for crossing all the seven sim crossings of New Babbage .. here is a bit of what I saw .. and bit more .. Now if one can get to Piermont Landing .. and then go up the big steps and go to the left just above the docks one will notice a darling hot air balloon .. with a friendly sign .. All welcome to use ... 50 50 chance you will cross all seven sim crossing .. hehehee...... but it is peaceful fun and quite relaxing ... It lands at Rubys .. and takes across all
Ahh things have changes already .. grins .. waves to Dear Sera tower.. all gone .. Now the fire station is there .. yay !!! ..

It really is special place

Ahhh Babbage Square wavessssssssssss

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee perhaps Next time better shots as the ride improvess weeeeeeeeeeee


Ceejay Writer said...

I do apologize if anyone tries to fly over the CocoaJava Cafe... from one moment to the next, the available prims are fluxing wildly! I'm in the creative process, and it hasn't settled out. I do hope to eventually leave open enough prims constantly, to allow airships' safe passage. :D

Breezy Carver said...

awww Dear Ceejay we try to make linkage on parcels to town infostructures for just that reason LL is the real problem with sim crossing .. No worries its understandable .. and never wish to impose on others to have prim allowance .. the balloon is low prim for just that reason .. how thoughtful of YOU to be thinking of all as always Thank YOU hugsss to you xoxox !! :)