Wednesday, April 8, 2009

~The sea and the sky~

"Memories from a Fading Room"
I crave the depth of the past present and yes ponder the future .. Not rocket science but more like people .. thoughts the good if you please of man kind .. why ?
because what we take the time to try and comprehend ahh respect and learn from another
shall enrich our own souls tenfold
What makes these selections so most special the film ahh random attic finds 30 yrs.. to close to 4 decades old enriched with the music is of today
results .. Mystifying Magic !!
humble view..
Release Date: 25th June 2007Label: With four successful albums under his belt Mark Barrott aka Future Loop Foundation has embarked upon his most inspired and artistic project to date. 'Memories From A Fading Room' is constructed using recordings from family interviews that have laid dormant in an attic somewhere in the north of England for almost a quarter of a century. Amassed back in his childhood days, the vocal snippets document a simpler existence which proved to be an inspiration for Barrott: “I formulated the idea of making the kind of album that you could find for sale in the dusty corner of the type of junk shop that Bagpuss would inhabit, and there staring me in the face were all these family interviews.”The result is a remarkable insight into family life in the 1970s which works both as an historical and personal document, but truly comes to life when added to Mark’s lush orchestration and electronic programming, making it literally musical history!‘Memories From A Fading Room’ is indeed a highly personal and organic album. It is hooked around the vocal source material using electronic and acoustic instruments as one to present a synth-centred orchestral album that sparkles with originality and wit. It achieves an intriguing balance between conjuring up a series of snapshots of a nostalgic past whilst being wholly contemporary in its musical vision.
1.)Stereo '72 (1:31)
2.)One The Village Radar (3:31)
3.)Vision On (3:16)
4.)Garden Communities (1:22)
5.)Everything As It Should Be (3:24)
6.)Homegrown Dynamic (4:33)
7.)In-between Somewhere Beautiful (2:04)
8.)Experimentation Begins At Home (2:04)
9.)This is Where We Live (3:09)
10.)Sunshine Philosophy (7:00)
11.)Eagle Eyed (2:26)
12.)The Sea And The Sky (8:59)
13.)(1976) (7:17)

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