Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sometimes ... we indeed just have to fly away !

Sometimes in any world one just needs to take a break and get away
and that is just what Breezy did ...
with blogs to log and prizes to award .. Breezy just took a wee bit of time in second life
for she ... and my my well see below ...
It started with Blak Opal latest most fun and stunning creation
BlakOpal Airship Pilot Outfit - Black
You'll be stylish and ready for flight in this outfit. The warm woolen jacket has a sculpted standing collar and is heavily embroidered in gold thread, with gold satin lining on the flex coattails, and an airship pilot's pin worn proudly on the chest. The shirt is pleated down the front, with airship insignia on the collar. A sculpted warm knit scarf ties around the neck for added warmth in flight, and the sculpted utility belt with buckled satchel will keep your important things close at hand. The pants have a double row of buttons on the front closure. And of course, the Airship Goggles, which can be worn either on the forehead or over the eyes.
Available in Ladies, Men's and Children's .. grins
Yes Children .. we do have many in New Babbage and they are a very important and a most special part for they are the city's hearts and so often our minds of reason :)
The new suit can be bought at any of their shops and also on Xstreet

Next we have a most special treat from Mr Moses Mureaux
this is a fun build !!
Confession when I came up with Idea "A Balloon Build"
I did tap on Mr Moses
one of my favorite air ship designers*
((who was quite busy but did find and make the time to create something quite special !!! ))
This slick clever shiny detailed fun ship.. Ladies and Gentlemen
Allow me to present Mr Moses's latest creation
Arcanian Aether-Hopper, Steampunk Airship
Arcanian Aether-Hopper, Steampunk Airship
Yet another fine Steampunk creation from Arcania Adventure Supply Company!

The Aether-Hopper is a unique, fun to fly vehicle. Perfect for touring the skies of your favorite Sim!3rd place winner of the New Babbage Engineers Ball - Hot Air Balloon Build Contest!
just $150.00 lindens ((WoW))

available in world at Arcania Adventure Supply Co.!
and on Xstreet
A special thank YOU to Opal and Tilo and Moses
thank you for creative and continued kindness
as for me .. ahh off i go up and up away
((turning up my ipod to some blues this fine day))
Thanks for stopping by .
wavess and twirlssssssssssssssssssssssss

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