Friday, October 2, 2009

Who Wants to Live for Ever.. ? Me !!!!!!!!!!!!

Meet Marcella
"Who wants to live forever? ME!!!! This is GREAT"
Every family has to have an optimist, a shining flower, a feel-good aunt, and Marcella is this family's sunshine. Who would guess, a cheerful vampire? Almost annoyingly positive, Marcella is the one to cheer the family on, to lead them in song, to suggest they all gather around and play Monopoly. She has a fresh beauty that is unusual for a vampire--her sparkling eyes and open manner belie the pain of eternal life.
Marcella found her new life in the 40s, in the midst of war torn London. Huddled in the dark in a bomb shelter, Marcella did not feel the bite that took her--she just felt the results. The change might as well have been a bomb dropping on her, changing her from the school teacher that she was into a sort of dotty aunt among cynics. So relieved to be free of pain and fear, Marcella looks for the positive in her situation and seeks only to spread happiness amidst the dark.
Marcella feels animosity towards none; however, everyone in the family feels a bit of tension about her--why does she have to be so damn happy all the time?


Behold I show you all a sneak peak into the magical *dark* well for Marcella make that *Bright*world of a very special interactive fashion show ..This Brilliant Idea comes from the very talented combo Minds of House of Rfyre !I give you a peak at some of the glorious creations of Miss Raven Pennyfeather Andwee peak of Out of Box creative of Miss Harper Beresford !!

Marcella hopes to see you at the “Audience with Aleksandr.” You will be among the Family: one of the most elite and united vampire families in this hemisphere. Gathered from around the globe, born from different ages, the Family has reunited at Aleksandr’s calling. He has summoned them to the Family dominion, a luxurious estate in the lands of Isle RFyre.
While you are here, speak to the members of the Family. They are pleased you have come and encourage you to look around. They would like to get to know you better….
They have been attended to by their finest atelier–House of RFyre. For your convenience, the outfits available can be purchased from the portraits arranged around the room.
Join us Saturday, October 3, from noon to 2 pm SLT at “An Audience with Aleksandr” at
Whispers Imagine ... they made this character just for breezy *grins*
I do hope you can stop by .. It promises to be a wonderful fun interactive experience !!
thanks for looking and smilesssssssss and wavesssssssssssssssssss
From Marcella !!!!!

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