Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Zombies ???????????

Now I must admit I Breezy Carver was a non Believer of Zombies tenfold !!
please allow me to continue .. see below .. grins
I arrived On my dear Black Stallion: Stormy . landed in the Org Town Hall (( that has become a trusty gem to Christian all New New Babbage Sims .. call it perhaps a "Tradition for Good Luck" indeed !! ))
Down the shaft we jumped .. ((quite a lovely photo capture wouldn't one concur ?))
In the faint distance I heard their moans long before I saw them ..
Perhaps Breezy is loosing her mind .. going a tad crazy ?
Slowly getting even closer , I began to see more, oh my !! there were so many of them !!!
I jumped off Stormy and loaded my pistol . shot a few even .. but I needed something stronger
Something Special .. hummmmmm
So on to My trusty Smoke Bomb Gun created by Doctor O .. hummm that proved to be just the trick and quite handy .. I rather like it !!!
twirlsss indeed .. but but .. there was one problem . too much smoke !!!
After killing several off I had a moment to clear my thoughts and the air .. but i could still hear them coming .. Ouch Ouch !! One bit me ... Humph !!!!
fluffs blond hair and thinks fast .....
Ahhh much better YaY!!!! The Money Gun it is !!
bring it on Zombies .. rat tat tat tat nothing like the sound of fast killing change !!!
Indeed what better way to get pure zombie evil then The Doctor's Money Gun
(a humble Capitalist robber baroness opinion of course)
Introducing The Academy of Industry ...
for information contact The Mayor of New Babbage
The Clock Winder : Mr. Tenk
Mosseveno Tenk

or better Yet Stop by today .. grins ..

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