Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Return to Arkham

Last Summer Breezy took a trip To Arkham Mass A lot of talk has been going on about this Wonderful Sim of late .. Thanks to some good friends of mine and the Mayor of this delightful Story Telling Sim .. Dr Dayafter and Miss Ceejay Writer .. So I decided to return earlier this week
I jumped in My trusty air ship The Breeze
((a fun creation from Mr Merryman one man ))
and as I flew over I was reminded of the beauty and mystery of these Sims ..

Welcome to Arkham! Please look around and enjoy your stay. The following will help make your time in Arkham enjoyable for you and everyone else:
Arkham is best viewed in the main SL viewer through the Foggy or Ghost presets.

To access these,
click World -> Environment Settings -> Environment Editor -> Advanced Sky -> Sky Presets.
RP is welcome, but not required. If you'd like to run a scene, and would like participation or help from Arkham's mods, please IM Ceres Eilde. We are happy to help provide a fun experience for everyone! In that spirit, if a resident chooses not to engage in your RP, please respect that.
The setting for the Miskatonic Valley sims is late nineteenth/early twentieth century. We are happy if you choose to dress accordingly;however, Miskatonic Valley sims are open to all avatars,

human and non.
Please refrain from griefing other residents. This includes bumping, shooting, harassing, or using gestures or poofers to excess.Please direct any complaints to Candace Bethune.
May Great Cthulhu eat you first.
Each build holds a bit of Mystery and a tale after tale .. and secret all its own as for the residences .. grins .. one must visit to find them I mean meet them .. Yes that's what i mean ..
These sims are quite clever make no doubt no one blog can do it all justice
The city .. The underground tunnels and the most important Part All the Mystery and Tales that these sims have to share and perhaps tell .. of course
From the Lovecraft era .. and the beloved Great Cthulhu
are just the start .. for these Sims have many many stories to share with all .. With all brave enough to indulge ......RP and Story telling on going ... .
whats with the bees guys ... annoying little pests persistent too !!
I know ...must be Kingsport .. that's it ..
A Ghost Ship !!!! See what I mean endless stories each sight has a story .. a terrible tale all its own .. I am New England gal .. trust me I know .. the Tales of Arkham are still on going ..
I leave you with a link to the third of the three sims .. Dunwich .. visit soon if You dare ..
Perhaps some of the more experienced travelers then humble I .. Dear Miss Jameson ..
Perhaps Dear Doctor Fabre .. any takers .. **grins**

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Rhianon Jameson said...

It's a wonderful set of sims indeed! I've visited several times, although the longest immersion was done by my dear sister. See for her report.