Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Enchanting Avilion Grand Ballroom

What better introduction then from a Guardian of the Mist ....

Perhaps One of Breezy's all time favorite locations on the Grid
Tucked away In the Avilion Grove ((one of seven sims)
The Glorious Enchanting Avilion Grand Ballroom !
The enchanting Avilion Grove Castle & Grand Ballroom. Dance & relax under the stars. Experience the romance and magic of the realm of Avilion. Established in October 2006!
Elf/Elven, Fairy, Magic,Victorian Role play, No Camping, Not a Club
One arrives and can give their lady a rose freshly picked from the rose bushes
The Castle and Grand Ballroom are the Heart of The Avilion Grove ~Open to the Public~Formal Dress required~If you have not before Please make a point to experience this grand build and wonderful venue!!! Behold There is an Avilion Grove Ballroom group for all to Join !
Make a point to walk the gardens and take a ride on the swans or a horse drawn carriage.
How Thoughtful being this is a formal Ballroom
Free to all three ((because no lady can have just one)) gowns for the ladies and a Tux for gentlemen
looks and smiles Perhaps some of these textures may look familiar
this is indeed where the textures of Piermont Landing come from
where else would a place created to give and share lasting memories
come from
grins and twirlssssssssssssssss
Indeed The Avilion Grand Ballroom has always been and more important
is and shall always be a very special and enchanting place
and shall always remain dear to breezy

The setting ,visuals and feel of this Grand Ballroom delightful,romantic and Dramatic, A Stunning build and Creation
The Music always lovely !!Personal Greeters welcome when One arrives and there are a steady stream of mixed company Making the ballroom creature, wings and couple friendly

Photos really do not do the The Grand Avilion Ballroom Justice as the reflection and open room,the columns and textures breathtaking !!! The steady of stream of music is cross between vintage,period with a occasional contemporary ballad weaved in . They also have live performances!
What couple wouldn't look careful,happy and feel most special together
when embraced together with this splendid venue !!

A Perfect day to Remember
Some Gifts are simply Put
Like the Man that continues to give
January 1st 2010

Make a Point to Visit The Enchanting Avilion Grand Ballroom soon.
This is a world wide Nation and venue so something is always going on !
Experience the Fantasy and the Beauty
Thank you for stopping by~ fairwinds ~wavess~twirlsssssssssss


Ceejay Writer said...

I remember the Avilon Ballroom very well.... I rode the swans! *grin* and danced till dawn with a now long lost love, but the memories still are with me. Thank you for prompting my memories, Breezy!

Breezy Carver said...