Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The lovely gown Haromonia By~ GWD ~

Ah from the hands of Miss Kembri Tomsen of The Curious Seamstress
She has been busy ladies ..
She has named This lovely gown Haromonia and it is inpsired by an early 1900 gown
done by Liberty of London

But please allow Breezy to quote her dear cousin in her very own words ..
and thank you for your purchase! It is greatly appreciated.
Haromonia is inpsired by an early 1900 gown done by Liberty of London. The gown itself is in a museum collection and hidden away from the public. However, I saw this one and fell in love with the graceful sweep of the heavy satin, and the intricate braidwork. It really is a gorgeous gown and trying to capture the shimmer of the satin was a challenge for me. I have to add that I felt this gown was not only a beautiful, intriguing bit ball gown, but could be a wedding gown as well. The color is right, as is the material, though I will admit the neckline might be a bit daring for some brides."

"I named it after the goddess Harmonia, who is the mother of the Muses in some very ancient stories. There are what appear to be laurel leaves in the details of this gown, and the simple but elegant cut reminded me very much of Greece.
This gown also serves as a frame for nearly any kind of jewelry. For a head piece I would suggest a diadem or tiara, with fitting and matching jewels. You could also go very simple with none at all or a simple feather. The choices are nearly endless and very individual. I really hope you enjoy this gorgeous gown.
There are resizing scripts in the skirts. The train is a mod piece so you can adjust it as you wish."
take care!
Cordially yours,
Kembri Tomsen
The Curuious Seamstress
of GreenWood Designs

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