Friday, April 30, 2010

Dame Kembri's "The Serph" Gown Comes To Seraph City ......

Well hello there,
whew so much going on all around so many of we, in all worlds ! Please allow Breezy to share a few new and most exciting items here ..
Shall we Start with Dame Kembri Tomsen's amazing
"Serph Gown" and indeed it is her Signature gown for Newest Shop located on The second floor @ The Carrington 303 Main Street in Seraph City !! 
((more info on all that to come *grin*))
This eloquent gown is Suitable for or appealing to the tastes of sophisticates . The textures and cuts flow to the delight of the both the wearer and admirer.. Layer upon layer flow aww let me allow Dame Kembri to speak for her most lovely creative self .. ((see Below))
but first ....
Ah one more Most extraordinary creation ..An Unique Sculptured Statue Inspired for Carrington
Created with increadable amount of heart by an amazing most talented Artist ,
Mr. Pumpkin Tripsa owner of The Seraph City Sim
"Thank you for your purchase of this 1930s evening gown "Serph". It was made for my new shop in the Serph City sim. I'm excited to say it is also the first in my line of 1930s clothing! You have such good taste! Now about this gown . . .Serph is singular for serphim, or angels. When I was looking through 1930s gowns I saw this one and knew right away this was my Serph gown. This gown is made of silver lame and ostrich feather boas and based on a real 1930s gown.  Whatever use you put this gown too, it's gorgeous and fun. The undergarments are period to the gown and made of satin and lace. The stockings are hand done by me, but based on stockings of the era. Ladies, if you want to take a picture of yourself in this smashing gown, and then drop me a copy of the picture with your name on it, I would be thrilled! I always love seeing where a gown is worn.
Take care!
Cordially yours,
Kembri Tomsen
The Curious Seamstress
GreenWood Designs

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