Monday, May 31, 2010

Thank YOU !!

Thank YOU !!
Memorial Day (Thank You)
Today is a day
where we are asked
to say a special thanks
to those that have fought for us
many even gave their lives away
for a cause that you may never understand
but it was done for the fellow man
and although they never knew you
and you may not know them
because of all
You and I have Our Freedom
Thank You to all that have served in Our Armed Forces
I could not be here, living like I do today
doing the things I do and knowing that I can
If it weren't for you!
*mike g*
Make a point today and  say thank You for Your service !! 
Start with The ones you Know !!!
For  those  Thank YOUs
Indeed do.... Go such  long way ...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Here Comes The Bride, Miss Letitia from GreenWood Designs

Ladies .. Hello as we go into a sentimental Long Memorial Day Weekend Holiday weekend, for many of us Stateside it is with a sparkle in her eye, Breezy models this gown .. Behold "Miss Letitia" Lady Kembri Tomsen's Latest in creative .. Her second in her Victorian Wedding Gown Couture .. What makes this gown special .. smiles ..The Satin, The lace, covered buttons,crystal's textures and flow are quite dynamic ..but that is just the  start for it is the endless eye,thought and heart Lady Kembri puts to details including a lovely rose head crown, with or without  the veil . This beautiful viel.smiles  that breezy has tried to capture the flow of it for all .. Indeed, beautiful undergarments are included but, let's save them for a surprise shall we .. *smiles*
Ah and the song although not period ((it could be really)) but to breezy it is true love song and 
as Americana as it gets !!!
Enjoy this Dramatic,gorgeous period gown and Enjoy the Holiday with those special in and to your own hearts ..and a Toast to those ..Who both Made and Make a difference for each of we ...
 Now Breezy is  humbled and pleased  to share some words from The Designer herself
This is quite a special gown. I actually started it before I did Miss Dovie, the first in this line of wedding gowns. But some parts of this gown just weren't working for me, so I put her away. I went back later and fixed the issues I was having, and so you now have Miss Letitia, the second in the Curious Seamstress line of wedding gowns. Letitia was a common name in the 1880s when this gown was made. The crystal beadwork and heavy satin are just gorgeous, amazing materials, and I hope I brought the swish of it through to your gown. The gown is a dream wedding gown for a woman from the Late Victorian period. It would also most likely be her best gown and one that might be worn again on another occasion,
such as a formal ball." I hope you enjoy totally amazing gown. Even I stand back now and then and go 'wow' at something I've done. This is one of those wow gowns. Thank you again for your support, and may you have a most wonderful time in this dress!
Cordially yours,"Lady Kembri Tomsen"
 Kembri Tomsen
   The Curious Seamstress
    GreenWood Designs


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Grim Brothers - Grim Couture- Coppersmith Gown

Greetings.... been a long full week in all worlds and breezy is behind in her blog sharing !!
Today breezy takes a wee bit of an adventure in Miss Cutea Benelli of Grim Brothers Fantastic
Coppersmith Gown .. She is also wearing the matching Construction heels coppersmith edition !
What fun !!! Ladies do stop by Grim Brothers today !!
There are so many spectacular new designs !! 
The details , The colors. The textures,  yes the scripts in this gown of Grim Courture , are Outstanding ..
One has the option of wearing the prim gown *with or *without gears .. there are beautiful *bonus earings and other *goodies *included  Special bonus **included the most elequent forehead jewelery piece !
Miss Cutea is one of the most generous and thoughtful designers on the grid .. ((mho))
always thinking of others, be it price points, creative, added bonus surprises and always included  a bit of her sence of humor in each design !! 
Grim Brothers - Grim Couture- Coppersmith Gown

Grim Brother Construction heels coppersmith edition
Please note the location for this fun gown, The Clock Tower ,
 A delightful clever Skybox complete with
priceless Tip Bot .. do visit these fun Second Life locations soon !
The Clock Tower - Live Music Hangout for the Discerning Steampunk

Thursday, May 20, 2010

" Juliette" A Summer Victorian reception Gown From Curious Seamstress !

Greetings and Welcome I am Lady Seabreeze,my friends call me Breezy
In any world breezy does love to laugh ,give and share .
Perhaps the reasons behind the blogging , is it is breezy's chance to give back to those that take and make  the many hours to bring creative beauty to life for all to enjoy .
Breezy thinks of others creative as a big deal, Sometimes people really do not understand,
all the layers that go into a design, a build, even a portrait !
Like when one writes or tells a story, all these creative layers build and build.
The Results can really be so many things, but every now and then for Some they really are quite amazing!  *smiles*
This Summer Victorian reception Gown is named "Juliette" . It was Created for this world by Lady Kembri Tomsen . Breezy does Indeed love the "Juliette" Gown  ..Lady Kembri has once again created a design that is eloquent and Simply Divine !! The lace, silk and velvet trim are so most graceful .The cuts to the bias are stunning ! The gowns just flows and makes a statement of  Regal Class .
Indeed Lady Kembri Tomsen Creator and Owner of Greenwood Designs, Curious Seamstress
has brought another Stellar Creative to Grid for all to enjoy , Her signature undergarments, like eye candy for us all .. Always a wonderful fun surprise to see what fantastic secret creative she has put together just for her customers to enjoy .. That is magic .. One can not help but notice the love she puts into each of her designs
For More on Lady Kembri

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Vested" From Tres Beau Designs

Greetings from breezy as she is still regrouping ((from a fantatic most action packed weekend )),
 In the mean time while she is busy gathering her notes ,
and getting ready for a Fantastic week of grand Design blogs to share ..
((wait till you see .. wait till you see ))
But till then ..
A brief bit of  Fabulous Eye Candy for all from one of the on the grid Power Players in design
((breezy's humble opinion there ))
The Selection breezy is featuring today IS  from Tres Beau Designs
" Vested"
Dame Kimmera Madison Designer , Creator and Owner of Tres Beau has a lot going on in all worlds..
Busy or not Kimmera is known grind wide for keeping The Signature Tres Beau Look in style and creative with a sheer perfection ,keen , sleek , sophisticated and WoW factor touch, result : Gorgeous !!
This red eloquent, swank print , with it's own plunging neck line top is not for the weak, add to it her now signature stunning ruffle neckline trim
and let's turn up the heat with textures and trim off the chain on this saucy black pencil skirt,
shall we Ms Madison (grins) ..
The Look is culture Couture and a beauty that is timeless !!!
Indeed Wear The Fantasy and save the drama for Design !!
Tres Beau Designs for Men and Women
now At The Carrington in Seraph City
for More on Kimmera Madison  and Tres Beau Designs

Friday, May 14, 2010

ALL Aboard !!!! The Grand Tour For Life~ Get Your Ticket Here~

The Grand Tour For Life

Saturday, May 15th
6:00am - 9:00am -Sunrise Ball, Exhibit and Art Contest. Aurora Hall and Al GarnArta Galleries, Al Garnata Sim, Hosts, Rose Springvale and Callipygian Christensen, Music by DJ Soliel Snook Formal Wear (sunrise colors!) requested.
9:00am - 10:30am - Caledon Mayfair En Gade tournament and garden party - Host: Lucien Brentano
12:00pm - 1:30pm - The Green-Eyed Fairy, New Toulouse sim - Host: Francesca Alva, DJ Soliel Snook􀀃
1:30pm - 3:00pm - 1:30pm - 3:00pm - Honfleur Treasure Hunt
3:00pm - 4:30pm - Visit to Giverny, Giverny sim - Host: Soliel Snook, DJ Soliel Snook)
4:30pm - 6:00pm - Winterfell Embassy Grand Opening and RFL Benefit Ball, Cape Wrath, Host: Serra Anansi, Music, DJ Gabrielle Riel Formal Medieval or Fantasy Attire Requested.
6pm:-2nd Annual Robber Baron's Ball and Safe Build Contest! - New Babbage
Host Breezy Carver Music By The Amazing DJ Bats !
9pm:-Secret Agent Event. Formal wear requested, tux, suits, ties, dresses anything spy.
Pnematic Revolution Lounge in Steeltopia, Host and DJ, SteelCobra Calamari
Sunday, May 16, 2010
9am:-Antiquity Keys
Dancing in the Gardens, Horseshoes, and a Horse Race around the Capitol Building
12noon-Caledon Kittiwickshire
A Tiny Dance, Beach Party and Carnival all rolled up in one adorable package. Host: Martini Discovolante, DJ Vj SHojo---the Grooooove Mooose
4pm:-Seraph City
Grand Opening of The Carrington, Host: Breezy Carver, Dj Gabrielle Riel.
6pm:-Steelhead Grand Tour Finale Ball, Host: Fuzzball Ortega
9:30pm - Collapse with feet in a tub of epsom salts and a cup of hot tea in hand!

A vist to 40's Glamor with ' The Paeoti Caressa Long Dress "

Paeoti_Caressa Dress Sets_LONG
Greetings from the grid ..
Today's blog is from a designer breezy thinks of as pure Vintage ,steamy, saucy ,Hot in each of her delightful fun creative styles. Breezy really believes just about every female avi owns a piece of her creative !
She is not new to Second life  , no stranger indeed .. A most Modest, creative gifted Gal
Ladies behold ..
Ms Paeoti Pomeray's
Paeoti Caressa Long Dress
NYMPHETAMINE BOUTIQUE- Owned by Miss Paeoti Pomeray presents
40's glamor
Caressa Long Dress - For those cocktail parties and classier Second Life Functions!
Includes Dress and Hat.
The Lady in Black had Nothing on this number !!!
for more on this designer and locations visit her website @
also on x street
and now  at 
The Carrington
Seraph City

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Stay With Me" Indeed ~ Meet" Myrna" one of The latest from Curious Seamstress

Stay With Me ....................
Well well well .. behold "Myrna" The newest 1930's Slik Gown
From Kembri Tomsen,
Designer and Owner of
The Curious Seamstress
Breezy just loves this sleek ,classy, Timeless Gown !!
It is Black and White ,making it.. quite the show stopper , The result, the gown makes a stunning and Beautiful statement,hence the lay out shoot done in Black and White .
Please take note to Miss Kembri's
Bold Style, Sophisticated Eloquence in her creative with the bias cut.
Again its always all about the details, from her clever placement of back buttons, shoulder rose to the look and feel of each of her textures.
** Of course her now  grid wide .. "signature undergarments" ..**.
Indeed this is
Drama the likes only a camera knows , not the folks around .
"Myrna"  pick her up soon !!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A True Satin Doll From The Curious Seamstress, Meet "Baby" !!!

Greetings thank You for stopping by, Breezy is very excited about this Stunning gown ..
It is one of five Satin Dolls, ((grins)) as breezy refers to them, From The Curious Seamstress
. Behold "Baby" One of  Kembri Tomsen's latest releases!
"This is a slinky, sexy bias cut soft gold gown. It's got a draped neckline and is amazing for dancing or singing those hot blues up on stage"
Kembri Tomsen
The look of the back of this gown is just as hot as front .
The Textures and cut are amazing ..
The look and feel of this couture is just as Dramatic as one allows it to be ..
breezy loves the gown !!!
and thinks a lot of the designer and her Sister too