Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy June Greetings from" Mrs Morgan" Coming Soon from Lady Kembri Tomsen

Happy June Greetings

Oh My has Breezy a surprise Gown from Lady Kembri Tomsen of The Curious Seamstress to share this fine day !! Ladies this is an extraordinary gown Behold "Mrs Morgan" .. a Stunning Worth Gown with provenance, from the Edwardian period . The gown was made in Paris by Jean-Phillipe Worth, and was purchased by Mrs. JP Morgan, who was 34 at the time.
Notice the fine design to the gown, from the eloquent heart in the back of bias, the lace and satin, the choice of not one full gown but a second with full train ah  again pain staking joys to the details to the laying of the print tetures in sheer perfection that has been done and brought to the grid with great fine eye to detail and love by lady Kembri.
One of the very many special things about Lady Kembri and her dear Sister Lady Ghilayne are these lovely whitty gals are history buffs for most special back stories as well  and they too love to share. Lady Kembri does not just find gowns to bring into word she researches each and everyone ..Sometimes she comes across one or a even a collection with fantastic history !!This gown is one of them .. Breezy can only share bits of the family secrets in that : this is one of a series of Mrs. JP Morgan's very own gown collection !Ahh please forgive breezy if this seems like a tease alas these dear beautiful Ladies have taught her well ..(( grins for a moment at the two most creative sisters ..)) But more on Mrs JP Morgan she was the wife of JP Morgan Jr, the son of  The Great Robber Baron, JP Morgan Sr and he too followed in his fathers footsteps , He married his lovely wife who was from Boston . JP being from Irvington NY. ((personal note one town over from breezy's real life home town of tarrytown new york !))
They had four children and indeed enjoyed the Soical Life of the Day .. This gown is so well preserved it is haunting and so open for stories to where it could have been worn! A high Society Event No doubt , a most special one of course ((as each one was ))  Breezy would like to think, it was worn perhaps once to grand summer event In NewPort !!
But then anyone who knows breezy knows she is passionate and cares most deeply for the Newport Mansions of The gilded Age ..

Enjoy this amazing real life design and stay tuned for more to come from Lady Kembri Tomsen ..  The Second Life Dress Maker who brings and creates real life true period collections with true respect for designs with real life heart and passion quite special ,for it does make a difference and shows in each of her creations !!

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