Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Who's That Lady ..........BlakOpal ......Jacquotte Pirate Outfit

Who's That Lady ..........BlakOpal ......Jacquotte Pirate Outfit
Greetings from the High Seas (smiles)
This World is about taking a little break, an escape and having fun !!! 
 Breezy has a wonderful real life and comes to the grid to just relax and have fun!!
Enjoying and Sharing Designers and Finding wonderful Creative are part of that fun to her !!
Breezy is finding more people are forgetting the basics . This is for fun and Most important
Kindness matters !!
Blakopal and Trilo of BlakOpal Designs do not forget !! They are fun and Kind and wicked Creative !!
Breezy just wanted give a great big hug to both and send a Thank YOU for this and their Many Other Many Hot Creations !! Being a Pirate is a Wicked Fun, but how about looking a wee bit hot and sassy as well as Stay and Be a Lady in Process !! Then this is the collection for YOU Ladies !!
The textures and collective details to the creative as Always , Hot and quite smashing !!
Available at their Main Store
and on Xsteet !
 Victorian-styled buccaneer pirate outfit. The jacket is beautifully detailed pieced leather with lapels studded with skull-buttons, epaulettes with silk cords that wrap under the arm, a sculpted collar, and knee-length flexi coattails. The jacket can be worn with or without the long belted flex skirt, created from layers of open lace and solid gathered fabrics. The heavy belt has a large metal buckle. The outfit has matching pieced leather gloves with folded cuffs at the elbow. Under the jacket is a victorian-styled corset detailed with lots of open-work lace, with front busk and back lacing. And a pair of pieced leather pants. There is a large-gem choker necklace made from 2 leather straps, with rows of linked chains that hang down onto the chest. The outfit is topped off with an ostrich feather-plumed sculpted tricorn hat in matching leather. Perfect for sea or air pirates across the steamlands and beyond.

• Jacket
• Epaulettes
• Lapels with collar
• Necklace
• Jacket coattails
• Belted skirt
• Pants
• Gloves
• Glove cuffs
• Corset shirt
• Hat

The Music  is The Mighty Isley Brothers,who lost Their Brother,Marvin Isley, 56, the bassist who helped the rhythm 'n' blues vocal trio the Isley Brothers reinvent themselves as a self-contained band and was featured on such hits as "That Lady," "Fight the Power," "Choosey Lover" and "Between the Sheets" died June 6
Rest In Peace Marvin.