Thursday, July 8, 2010

Please join me to welcome Sheba Shimmie into the GWD family

Lady Kembri Tomsen has done it again with this fun little 20s Flapper dance dress. Meet "Shelba Shimmie" !"This dress is a sister dress to Hot Honey Rag and Velma's Jazz. I hope you'll welcome Sheba Shimmie into the family!"
Ladies Lady Kembri Had fun making this one, and breezy promises
You all will have fun wearing it!
Sheba Shimmie indeed Shimmies and Just ozzes good hot fun ! Lady Kembri has created a real show stopper with this fine evening 20s gown !!!
As always Vintage undergarments Included along with the fact this is from a real life Design !!
The head piece included with Sheba is just Darling .. Love it !!!
No Corners cut with this hot little number the textures and rich details and done with such flair
Indeed the Courtour will give the gal wearing it a night to remember !!!
Thats a Sheba Shimmie promise !!
For more on Lady Kembri Tomen and her
wonderful designs visit
also on Xstreet ya don't want to miss this one Ladies !!!

Oh !! Well hello There Dear ! ((see what I mean surprise surprise .... )))
*grins* thank you for your visit .. do enjoy .. I know Breezy shall be enjoing The Company for this night of Dance in Her brand New Design from Dear Lady Kembri Tomsen

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