Thursday, August 12, 2010

YOU Have Personality ~ New From Capalini Fine Furnishings "The Personality Suite"

"Capalini Fine Furnishings presents the Personality Suite, part of the upcoming Fall Collection. Creamy stitched upholstery accent the dark woods of the lounger, and the single company chair. A handsome curved wardrobe opens revealing a shadowy interior, perfect for clothes or perhaps hiding in. The table stands, tottering, balanced upon old books while the victrola / gramophone plays chopin. Two classically victorian bridge lamps flank the suite. All furniture arranged upon a beautiful faded carpet, completing the shabby chic."

"Why the "Personality Suite"? This entire suite has been custom sculpted and textured to give it a sense of soul.. personality. The ornate clawed feet stand regally beneath the lounger... except for one who seems to have lost the ball he was holding. This leg reaches for the ball while the carpet innocently looks on."
Miss Canolli Capalini with her very own zest for clever original decadent designs in vintage furnishingspresents her latest release .. "The Personality Suit"
The 2 Beautiful floor lamps, The chaise Lounger  that of course includes Ms Canolli's signature animations .. 3 solo and a 13 pose menu driven cuddle couple option Brilliantly done !!
Each piece indeed tells a story and shares a smile with its very own  Yes .. "Personality" 
 all its very own.

The curved wardrobe , A powerful piece with its sleek design and gorgeous Textured wood .
But Breezy's favorite part of this piece is the mechanical artistic scripting of the level doors turning and  quietly clicking as the doors smoothly open .. Brilliant !!
Ah yes the animation  grins ..
Ahh Sorry breezy gets carried away . alas look at the smashing design complete with heart brass trim !
Breezy loves this chair .. ah she loves the whole fun beautiful suit
the photos are just a tease  as the really do not do the animations and  collection justice ..
Style all its own
A hand me down piece perhaps, or a brand new crafted One ..
Hand Crafted Designed Furniture from any decade has a story to tell !
Quite often the older the finer tail ..
Make a point to visit this detailed work of this true artist today
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also available on xstreet
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