Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Age of Glamour - Vintage Lingerie Fashion From Donna Flora

Breezy continues her vintage classic looks in designs from Designers who Just love what they do !! Ladies Meet Lu Lu From The House of Donna Flora ... This is an adorable 1920's set
Squinternet Larnia Owner and Designer of The Donna Flora continues to deliver
each of her colleactions with Beauty with Sophicated whimsical Flair!

Innocence meets elegance in these rich textures and designs !
Let Donna Flora Take You back to an era that was Glamorous and Romantic !!
Next we move along to Mignon -Green
also available in Tan and Black .. Details in Satin and Lace for this set !
Mystery still is everything and Truth be told, The Under garments of these eras held so much for the ladies that wore them *grins*
From the clunky shoes to the seamed Stockings The textures the fabrics .. oh la la Indeed !
Our last stop for this visit with Donna Flora is a 1940's ensemble !
Meet Donna Flora's Dana !!!
In true pin up sleek, silk and satin fashion this ensemble has it all !!
Life is streesful and short .. This world is for an escape : carefree and fun !!!
Breezy is thankful to each of the designers she blogs about and wears !!
She respect their time and kindness in creative .. For it is some of their wonderful creatives that is part of the bigger picture that keeps her own little second life upbeat fun and exciting
and dare she type Safe !!!
Have fun on the grid .. For this is the place each can wear the fantasies !!!

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