Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ladies Dare to Look Elegant Classy and Dangerous !!!!

Ah This evening Breezy is wearing The Bird of Paradise a New Ensemble
from The one and Only Miss Sonnata Morales New Collection: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ballyboo/119/229/131/?title=Sonatta%20Morales
The lace the cut .. The textures devinne .. but what take this Ensemble
to the next level is the pure feel of a era lost in time unlike no other ..
When a lady had mystery and Fashion the likes no one had even seen before !!
The detailed Back of this gown is just capitvating ..

"I want women to look elegant, classy and dangerous. I want the drama of silks and velvets, champagne, gloves and hats. I want to bring back the beauty that was lost somewhere in the past..." Sonatta Morales *grins* Mission Accomplished Ms Sonatta!

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