Friday, November 12, 2010

A Visit to ~The World of *NS6*~ Via CFF- Hot- Air- Balloon

The World of *NS6*~ Via CFF- Hot- Air- Balloon
Greetings and Thank You for stopping by *smiles*
Today we have a wee bit of a special Blog of a home away from home for a quite
Unique New Babbage Steam Punk Character !
Being the gusts were just right , Breezy decided to take a nice long ride
in her personal hot air balloon to compliment any afternoon from CFF
With in no time Breezy found herself flying over the exceptional creative
Of Mr Nightshade SixSpence
NS6 Shop and Builds
Mr. Nightshade Sixpence
owner and clever creator of The world of *NS6*
Quality Steam punk goods. -- Vendor shops, stalls and billboards for rent at reasonable prices.
Please click on photos to enlarge as this is a fun creative build !!
The Shop and build are all ready for the Holidays !
Upon arriving one can see a neat Tram that takes on to either the Bot Lab or the NS6 shop
The ride is both fun and smooth *smiles*
Just a wee peek Inside The Bot Lab.
Next its on to the NS6 Shop ..
The textures and scripting are upbeat fun and sharp !!!
aw Ho Ho Ho What says Christmas better then a Blak Opal Second Life
Vintage Tree and neat gifts under the tree ..*smiles*
for just 50 lindens each (( what a neat treat !!!))
Mr.Nightshade is Modest and quiet but his builds are wicked Fun , Original and quite Steamy !!
Mr. Nightshade a True Gaslight Steam punk is inspired by Fantasy Art
and the Never ending story of the builds ..
He has so many more ideas for this build .. *smiles*
Breezy shall have to return to share more.. ((of Mr. Nightshade)) Private Dwelling
Oh yes Folks there is More here .. (( The build is quite extensive !))
After a fun visit it was time to return home to New Babbage ..
waves to Mr Nightshade .. "See you Soon and thank YOU !"
Ah The love of a good gust and that salt air .. *smiles*
Oh and who do we have here ???
Oh My ..someone is such a Scene Stealer .. *smiles*
Thank You all for visiting and do Visit the Fabulous World
*NS6* of Mr. Nightshade Sixpence ..
**Night your build was fun hence the video *grins*

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RF said...

Looks like an amazing find, Breezy - can't wait to visit it!