Sunday, November 21, 2010

Winter Ice meets Angel Eyes .. A New Collection from House of Rfyre !!!

"I pay the price for cheap advice
Sick of leaving in the morning
With the night you gave away
So now I'm gonna take that all that I can get
With those angel eyes
You make saints do sins all the time"
Grins Ladies this is indeed an Outstanding Collection
From The Grand (( Most Modest & Sweetest)) Creative Artist
((and Breezy's Dear Friend))
Miss Raven Pennyfeather
I have known Raven and her Dear Manager Harper for over Three Years ..
Let breezy say, what makes the Difference in any world
Customer Service .. Kindness Matters .. Never forget this !!!!
In today difficult and challenging times Kindness and Service will survive !!
Breezy often thanks a person for being kind to her any world .
Why ??? Because it is so important !!
It is the difference between a good a bad, a smile or frown .
You never know what is going on in an other's world
Make the time to care !!!
And a Most Special Thank YOU in advance from Breezy :)
The Boot Stilettos
*Grins* Ok ok confession time .. Breezy was a little Leary of these stunning creative boots
as she is not into the Second Life toes things
But She did wear a Black pair of these with her gown at her own Ball Just last Night !!
They are stunning ,user friendly ,and Best of all Look Hot , Saucy and Rich !!!
Kudos Miss Raven .. Breezy Loves them !!
" Say I'm gonna stay, home and away, well well,

When I said I'd catch you when you're falling
I'd have my heart open wide
And you who's not naive I thought
Say I thought I'd mend my heart"
The Collect is called " Winter Ice "
The looks are spectacular ..
One can go for Fantasy , Sheik, right into Pulp Noir ..
See Below .. *grins*
! RFyre Winter Womens Ice White: Bodice I
! RFyre Winter Womens Ice White: Glitch Skirt
! RFyre Winter Womens Ice White: Glitch Skirt (Short)
! RFyre Winter Womens Ice White: Skirt Long
! RFyre Winter Womens Ice White: Stockings
! RFyre Winter Womens Ice White: Feathered Cape
! RFyre Winter Womens Ice White: Fur Upper Cuff Right
! RFyre Winter Womens Ice White: Fur Upper Cuff Left
! RFyre Winter Womens Ice White: Skirt (Sheer – Short)
! RFyre Winter Womens Ice White: Thong
! RFyre Winter Womens Ice: White Gloves
" People say I'm so automatic

People say I'm not so systematic
When I'm down I'm in manual, lord
And time on time again I walk on by
With the look of love"
Wear your Fantasies , Let them take you away into a world
that You create !!!
Second life is not real Life ..
Oh so many do what they know ..
take what they know ..
But also explore the unknown ..Just have fun !!
Breezy adores this New Collection Visit House of RFYRE to day
Visit and Purchase Ice soon *smiles*
"The saddest thing I've ever seen on my tv screen
Was a dying man who died for his dream
Toughest thing I've ever heard
Was that new-born scream in this naked world"
Angel Eyes
Wet Wet Wet

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