Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 11 Holiday Fashion Be Bedazzled by The World of Blacklace Lingerie

Ho Ho Ho ..
SO Who has been Naughty and Who has been Nice ?
Well The Elves @ Black Lace Knows ..
Day Eleven is You Guessed it !!
Day 11 Holiday Fashion
Be Bedazzled by The World of Blacklace Lingerie
Breezy is wearing Naughty Elf from The 2009 Blacklace Holiday Collection
She owns it from last year and It does so Compliment
The MB-CreationZs!
Sure it is nice to get new things but it is also nice when we can continue to use
The Inventory Items we all have ((grins))
But Back to Blacklace and Naughty Elf ..
This Vintage Design is One of Breezy's favorites
with usable thoughtful layers it is quite useful !!
Breezy was quite touched with Reading Mariska Simons Bio ,
a moment please as she shares it with her readers ..
"Blacklace was built on the concept that regardless of what you are wearing, what is underneath your attire can transform the average everyday woman into an all-knowing seductress. Created for women who want to feel sexy and love lingerie, offering a variety of styles and colors in bras, corsets, stockings and panties. There is bound to be something that will catch your attention
or the attention of anyone in your presence.
My creation line of classy lingerie will leave a lasting image of the sensual, alluring, glamorous, and sexy side every woman possesses. Blacklace clothing complements a woman’s shape, allowing her to feel feminine from head to toe. Fashions are created to flatter every style and body shape, promising to show off that sultry figure women desire to have. Designing is a passion and an obsession for me and is an outlet that allows my creativity to flow.
The fashion trends of yesterday, today and tomorrow inspire my work."
Mariska Simons - Blacklace Designer

Indeed this deisigner Loves what she does and the proof is in each of her Designs
The Proof really is in The Pudding so to speak!
Next up as Mariska keeps releasing Her 2010 Holiday Collection
Breezy has it hidden here with her Sonatta Morales Fur .. hehee
The North Pole Annex is open at Blacklace and Santa hasn’t wasted any time at all!
Blacklace presents Poinsettia, and it comes in both red and white! Delicate petals adorn the bra, cincher, and panties. The same velvet-to-the-touch petals along the band of the thigh high stockings will encourage the gentle tracing of fingertips along the skin, caressing each flower in turn
Poinsettia comes with a bra, cincher, panties, garter and stockings – all on different layers and in different combinations, all to give you the versatility you have come to expect from Blacklace!
With Blacklace’s Poinsettia you wont need anything else to heat up those cold nights after days of shopping in freezing temperatures,
so go out in comfort knowing that the home fires will be burning one way or another!
Taxi to Blacklace and Poinsettia, a Limited Edition Holiday offering.
Blacklace presents a new release in the ‘Intimates Holiday Collection,
Salacious by Vollers, the Corset Company.
Salacious is defined as being characterized by lust: suggestive, voluptuous, wanton…all the things that a sensual woman exhibits in her demeanor in all she does.It’s the smile during the day, with the subtle glance through fluttering lashes, it’s the turn of a leg or the brush of fingers through her mane of hair. It’s the nights that simmer with the promise of heat, the slow rise of passion with the intimacy of soft whispers and not so gentle touches.
Salacious is a satin corset that accentuates a woman’s curves, inviting soft kisses along the shoulders, along with exploration of her waist, and the appreciation of the gentle swell of her rear. The lacing in the back is designed to be toyed with, a tease..yes.......
Black lacy trim adorns the laced corset, and the cuffs of the opera gloves. The set also includes stockings, panties and a garter on tons of layers so you can wear it the way you want. Salacious is also transfer so that your partner can gift you with it..and get the welcome that you will offer him in return for it that much faster.
This corset is a must have for any Blacklace woman…
Just in time for the Holidays this is a Gorgeous Ensemble !!
Just Spectacular. Blacklace presents another new release in the ‘Intimates Holiday Collection, Worship by Vollers, the Corset Company.It’s easy to see how this set came by the name Worship. Amazing in its artistry, this set has all the detail that Blacklace is known for.
The Thai Silk Corset and Lace trim set comes in a dizzying array of layers for your convenience.
Worship includes the corset with its stunning texture, garter and stockings,
lace skirt and opera length gloves.Worship will quickly become one of your favorites, and should be a definite must have on your holiday wish list!
Mariska Simons, the designer behind Blacklace Lingerie, is excited to announce a partnership with Tamar Rexen (inSL) the exclusive distributor of beautiful corsets made in real life by Vollers, The Corset Company, established in 1899.
This is a small, exclusive line of corsets that you can also buy in real life! This range of corsets, includes a code for $25.00 off ANY corset from
over the holiday season.
Merry Christmas and The Happy New Year ...
Breezy is proud to be able to share more of their Designs with all
in the New Year ..

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