Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Breeze Through The Dynamic Venus build from The Eloquent Dolphin Designs !

A Breeze Through The Dynamic Venus build from The Eloquent Dolphin Designs !

Greeting !!
Breezy has been thinking long and hard on this particular blog .. perhaps too much ! ((smiles))
Please Allow her to introduce The Dynamic Venus build ,the Middle Sister in what she has now labeled The Magnificent " Three Sisters" collection from The Eloquent Dolphin Designs !
Every collective creative has a wonderful back story sometimes it is shared with us , alas often it is not ..What I respect most about the extraordinary collaboration team of Mr Jordy Ishnoo and Mr.Mitch Ishnoo is where their own collaborative touch can take each of us , For Breezy is day dreaming and  thinking rich classic of the late 40s on the build with a 1940's influence in furnishings .. The result ,once again is ageless, timeless rich classic designs .
(( hence the Summer-wind Collaboration ))
always a Classic !!!!! 
The Drama of this build in one word Spectacular ! It is powerful and if one listens and feels ,it's very own story, influenced with rich textures, clever lighting, beautiful designs, shall indeed come to life for you .. Because truth be told the gates to ones imagination are what makes these collective designs not only pop but live on and on .. Be it Build designs , Clothing Couture or Music Creative , The True Classics Ladies and Gentlemen are Timeless , Eloquence holds no one year !!
My humble opinion of this amazing detailed build .. An upscale Meeting lodge .. (( The kind that would hold unforgettable ie. very special ,detailed , important and complicated meetings !!))
With its grand hallways with rich detailed textures of Teak and wood carvings that are striking and carry depth to last and stay with the viewer. Make no doubt, for these textures and designs leave a most powerful lasting impression !
The tile and stone floors with hard wood !! From the grand Entry off to the right what could be a theater room ,to the Open Sitting room , To the left ,The main floor Bar with windows that one can either leave open, use blinds or blank-en to the outside worlds .
To The Right The indoor gorgeous Pool !! Ah then there is the grand staircase with wood textures to swoon to .. Again a beautiful bar, with rich leather detailed furnishings and dramatic lighting and shadows complete with two stunning bedrooms on either side , complete with balconies !
Once again this a Build one has to see and just grasp in Person
to see in world click here
on Xstreet
Please visit this Fantastic one of a kind build today !!
Ah and now please allow Breezy to introduce One of Miss Kembri's latest designs, Missy ! This amazing bias cut satin gown is an Original  Real Life Satin Gown that Breezy is wearing .
Kembri Tomsen of The Curious Seamstress. "Missy" is Her latest Satin Doll Addition
True ageless , timeless vintage glamour of 1930s. How Beautiful it flows through out Venus !
Complete with vintage Undergarments. Miss Kembri always puts extra heart into each her creations and Ladies that means pain staking time with love to details just so her clients can Look Amazing
in her gorgeous creative !

Once again this Venus, From Dophin Designs ,a Build one has to see and just grasp in Person
to see in world click here
on Xstreet
Please visit this Fantastic one of a kind build today !!

Friday, June 25, 2010

In The Heart of Every Gal ~ There is A Dream *Smile* ~ Mona Lisa Smile House ~

In The Heart of Every Gal ~ There is A Dream * Smile* ~ Mona Lisa Smile House ~ Indeed the Dream you give us all is the one ,You hold inside ... Think of that when you come along special creative Artists and Designers .male or female their true creative from their hearts beams !!
Behold The Mona Lisa Smile House,One of what breezy calls "The Three Sisters From the
Eloquent Dolphin Designs .Breezy had the Pleasure of Meeting and chatting with
Mr Jordy Ishnoo, a humble gifted , modest Man who's own heart ,is bursting with creative Behold the oldest of the Sister Homes ((as Breezy has decided to refer to them over the next few days , she shall be taking you all on a most special journey of each !!))  The Mona Lisa Smile House is available furnished or not.  Breezy being an east coastal gal is reminded of a real life Bar Harbor Home she used to visit as a child . The design of this home is indeed timeless .. The details and three endless flowing grand staircases are sheer classics and add so much beauty to this decadent Home .
The wood textures ,are the likes Breezy has never seen on the grid , Indeed  head on to vintage Timeless class. One's imagination continues to flow as one moves so easily through each spacious room !  Save the Drama for the builds and designs  *grins* To See this masterpiece in World
also on Xstreet
Enjoy this most special Photo detailed journey of The Mona Lisa Smile House  Visit it today !!
Breezy promises YOU will not forget this delightful  creation !!! 

The Gown Breezy is wearing is Pure real life timeless Cortour From the amazing Lady Kembri Tomsen of  Curious Seamstress & GWD - Victorian Ballgown - Doucet - Artemis
Based on a gown by renown Victorian designer M. Doucet, this Parisian confection is an olive green silk with a subtle cream pattern and peach tulle at the bodice and shoulder. Blue silk roses drape down the arm and across the back. The beauty of this gown with its sleek lines is even more apparent in person

Again To See this masterpiece in World
also on Xstreet

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New From GWD Meet Marlene and Perhaps Set your own Seas on Fire !!!

 To Quote the little video Breezy has included in this video .  "Set the Seas on Fire"  grins
When one is wearing this amazing 1930s Women's Suit, by My Dear Friend Kembri Tomsen called Marlene. Yes Breezy does Love this suit !!!!    The Textures on this one are extra special mho !!
The undergarments complete with a thoughtful added two pairs of stockings..  just too sweet !!!! 
"The suit is a sharkskin satin suit with beading on the collar and pockets. It's a real suit and in a private collection. I've named it in honor of that wonderful German actress, Marlene Deitrich. She was often called, "The Face' because of her striking looks."
  Kembri Tomsen 
 The Curious Seamstress
 GreenWood Designs
*Please note this Suit comes with a darling hat created by The Satin Mistress of creative alas Breezy went with this special Hatpins hat as it was a clever match ((and a great buy))
The Hat Breezy is wearing is a 69Linden special today only from Miss Reghan of Hatpins

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Night to Remember From Piermont Landing

Breezy is a little tired and behind on her blogging Oh My !!!
But wanted to share some early peeks from this unforgettable Evening
The Night was Quite Special
Thank YOU to all that came and enjoyed
another Fun Event
Piermont Landing

It was a wonderful evening and quite a grand event ..
Some Stats from the ball
The White Rabbit Entrees Contest
1 st Place ... Ceejay Writer $1381.00
Chocolate Raspberry Bombe
2nd by Satu Moreau $1311.00
White Rabbit's Delight Carrot Cake
3rd Tepic.... $1062.00
Entree of Vole-a-vaunt by Tepic
amounts of each ......
Grand Total for Contest = $5558
Special thanks to Miss Elle :)

The 1st New Babbage  RFL Auction
The Bids from Auction
Fogwoman: 4,000 (paid)
Malkavyn Eldritch: 5,000 (paid)
Tinus 4,500 (paid)
Harvey 1,900 (paid)
Michael Mannonen 9600 (Paid)
Maggie Lynwood 6,500 (paid)
Candy Cerveau 20,000 (paid)
Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks 2500 (paid 500 over) (PAID)
Bodhisatva Paperclip 5,500 (paid)
Candy Cerveau 260,000 (PAID)
total plus some donations
= 321334.00
New Babbage Now At =
New Babbage RFL L$581343
Guests List at the Ball (( over 119))
Special thanks to Rip Star and Tes
the bidders and Auction Persons
and each and all that attended this Amazing Event
YOU each helped to Make History Once again New Babbage ..
Epic History I might add Mho ....
Special Thank YOU to Dr Fabre :)