Monday, January 31, 2011

This is Romance .. This Is Classic Nicky Ree ..DNR Mona Baroque Gown and Lingerie set in Rose

Nicky Ree is indeed turning up The Heat, with her latest Collection ...
Romance is Strong this time of year .. Especially when one is wearing
Nicky Ree's DNR Mona Baroque Gown and Lingerie set in Rose
Delicate layers of Satin and rich hand drawn Lace Make this another Most exquisite creative
from The Grid's very own  Nicky Ree !!
Her Legendary Style and designs are original, unquestionable
 Beautiful and always Devinne !!
With the approach of Valentine's Day....  Nicky Ree has just released
a new collection called "Mona". This romantic baroque style gown and lingerie
set is just right for this romantic month of Feb.
With luscious lace work and folds of chiffon for a gorgeous flowing skirt options,
 this design is available in various colours in Nicky's main store 
Gosh You think Breezy is impressed ? *smiles*
make no doubts this is a top shelf designer who has not lost her touch!!!
The layers flow as any woman walks, turns, dances , or poses
in these gown .. Role Play is all of sudden brought to a new level !
You are wearing Nicky Ree .... *smiles*
With several Looks .. Layers upon layers in choices
Ricky always knows  just what every girl Needs and wants
to complete her style and look in one of her own detailed collections !
Wear you fantasy, enjoy your second Life .. *smiles*
The Creative World of Nicky Ree awaits to help you achieve
that unforgettable Look with most Original Designs !!
All of them !!

This is Romance  .. This Is Classic Nicky Ree
Nicky Ree's DNR Mona Baroque Gown and Lingerie set in Rose
available in several Sensational shades

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tonight January 29th Piermont Landing Presents The Founders Day Black and White Soot Ball !

"May thy stove be always embered.
May thy engine be always pressured.
And may steam and fortune,
Always rise before thee!"
* auther unknown
Piermont Landing Presents
The Founders Day
Black and White Soot Ball
The 3rd Annual Founders Day Ball

Beautiful Air Balloon/Ships Entries
Come Join The Fun and Dance Your cares away 
Steam Punk Formal Style
In New Babbage
At Piermont Landing
Jan 29th
6pm to 9pm slt
Music by
The Amazing Dj Bats
sponsored by
House of RFYRE
Curious Seamstress
Hat Pins
Hot Air Balloon/ Ship

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Best Just Keeps Coming ..The Glamor of Donna Flora..

The Glamor of Donna Flora ... Sizzles with her latest Release!
The ALOISIA Gown in Smoke
is indeed quite the Smoking ensemble
The artistic creative of Miss Squinternet Larnia's own spirit beams with this collection
The The ALOISIA Gown in Smoke
includes both a long evening gown and sleek cocktail dress
two seperate Tops included !
Donna Flora always says Dramatic and Glamour.
Timeless Couture at it finest !
The jewels breezy is wearing with this ensemble are once again Donna Flora
The MISTY platinum set
 Miss Squinternet Larnia is also an exquisite and most modest prim era Jeweler.
Her Signature Collections are plenty and each collection is Gorgeous !!
Indeed  The The ALOISIA Gown in Smoke
states  Style with sweet Glam , it really is quite the stunning head turning ensemble!
Thank YOU  Squinternet Larnia  for another out of the Park collection :)
Visit Donna Flora today .. For Era Couture that takes a gal right through the decades
Hair .. Fine Jewelry ..Accessories ,  Darling Sunglasses, funky shoes , Decadent under garments
and so much more ..  
Donna Flora knows just how to make a girl Shine ..
this week's examples
The The ALOISIA Gown in Smoke and The MISTY platinum set

Daydreams Sitting In Pink with Blacklace ... GLITTERATI !! and ...Donna Flora

Brrr from the other world ... So into this world with Wonderful Day Dreams wearing
this sweet little Hot Number
From Blacklace ... and here is the Hook Ladies
this  Sexy Little Gift from Blacklace  is Free!
We all love pressies and Blacklace has a Valentine’s Day gift for you!
It’s time to turn up the heat and turn on your love life,
and Blacklace is always there to give you and hand.
again  Ladies  Indeed  This "Sexy Little Corset Set from Blacklace" is Free !!!
This set comes with a sparkly pink bra, a corset cincher and panties
that both sit just right to show off all your best …assets.
Also included are stockings, garters and sweet pink bows that adorn the garters.
Ah yes and the cute little Valentine Teddy Bear also included !!
The Fun Poses and Props are in a darling collaboration from
Dear whimsy Katey Coppola  of  GLITTERATI !!
The adorable Necklace and earrings set breezy is wearing are
Denise In Quartz from Donna Flora
Indeed it might be cold and windy and snowing outside
but here it is nice and toasty and warm ..
thank You for Beautiful  day dreams
Please Visit these Fun Designers today or soon !
Donna Flora

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Most Special Treat : Son!a Valentine's Bouquet Dress & jewelry Red Set

A charm invests a face
by Emily Dickinson
A charm invests a face
Imperfectly beheld.
The lady dare not lift her veil
For fear it be dispelled.
But peers beyond her mesh,
And wishes, and denies,
Lest interview annul a want
That image satisfies.
Son!a Valentine's Bouquet Dress & jewelry Red
Special Release for Valentine's day From Son!a
at a special price for a limited time
jewelry earrings & necklace included
headpiece included
resize script prim skirt
only available on Market Place for a limited time and price of just 250 lindens

This is little number is oh but just a tease to all the Lovely New Releases SON!A has created !
Miss SON!A 2011 Valentine Releases are plenty
and just Gorgeous ,...
But this little number alone is a huge gift to all for just 250 lindens
the head piece and veil, the jewels .. ah and the darling sweet dress !

with or with out the over the top romantic bust adornments
The textured Satin and lace are Delicious !
Most beautiful and very special Available for a limited time only ..
Thank YOU SON!A !!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Come in Out of The Cold with The Fern Gown From Curious Seamstress !!

In One World on The US front on The coasts of New England it is January
one of the Longest months of the year ..
Dark, Bitter cold, Snowy Days ....Lots of them ...
Yes this is The intro for This Lovely New Release From Curious Seamstress *grins*
Stay with me now ...
Tucked away safe and warm Breezy is in this other world ...
Until She Opens this Beautiful Vintage Gown from Lady Kembri Tomesen
Behold One of her latest Releases
The Stunning "Fern Gown"
" Fern is an amazing Victorian gown as much for the spectacular color as for the amazing embroidery on the front of the gown. It's soft and feminine and stunning in person. You could use this gown for any situation and be well dressed. I really cannot set a time of day for it, as I think it would be as suitable for morning visits as it would be for evening entertainments."
"Lady Kembri Tomsen"
Breezy's personal favorite feature of this Beautiful Gown are the puffed detailed Sleeves ..
then they go nice and tight in the arms .. mmmm love that !!
Notice the rich details to the embroidery and the placement to the Textures ..
Ladies this gown is true Era and Art ...
Special Kudos and many thanks to Kembri for her detail work once again ..
Just stunning ..
The flow of the gown, The scripted details .. indeed beautiful undergarments are included
but ladies you shall just have to buy the gown to see those .. smiles
As Lady Kembri includes three pairs of period stockings with this one..
She is most thoughtful that way ...
This is indeed a must have gown ... Breezy is thinking March for the lovely Green ..
*grins* But today is a wonderful day to stop by and pick up one for yourself ...
As breezy said January is a long long month .... sigh ...
*Fern* is an Extremely Romantic ,the beauty of this gown oozes Passion !
For more information Please visit kembri's lovely Blog ..
As market place is bugged out at the moment and grid is well .. smiles
Its second life .. and some times just like real life things can go bumpy bump !!
Adjust that Sail and continue your own Journey I promise you will enjoy it
In it this most richly real life design from Curious Seamstress !!
Do have fun and some good twirls in this
delightful Beautiful Detailed Gown

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Shadow of YOUR Smile .. In DNR New Tracy Gown ... Pure Class Indeed !

"This set's fabric pattern, satin silky top,skirt and pants
are 100% hand drawn and created in photo shop by Designing Nicky Ree.
This "Tracy" set comes with 2 long skirt styles, one with a slit and one without the slit.
Based on classic lines and elegant cuts, this is a timeless pieace of style.
Nicky Ree
Available in several colours at her main store in
Tropical Orchid. "
Breezy Loves Classic Vintage ..Across The Board and This Tracy Gown
Is just that .. The beauty of Nicky's Hand Drawn Signature Designs.
Her textures and shades just radiate in Distinctive Class !
The covered Pearl Buttons and beauty of The flow in ,
This Gown indeed did make Breezy Jump !
The price is right at just 650 lindens .. Make a statement in your style
Visit this One of Kind Designer's Main Store today !
True Classic Couture is ageless and Timeless , This is Pulp Noir in its finest hour !
It is sad in real life, The quality of this design is just no longer found .
What woman wouldn't wish to have this to flow in .. *smiles*
hence why we all have the grid !
Breezy picked "The Shadow of Your Smile" because it too is a classic ..
and Grace Kelly *smiles* Outstanding ..
One can only dream to be a classic in their own right and Style ..
Let Dame Nicky Ree lend a hand ...with Style !
Visit her Main Shop and Market Place ...
Thank YOU to Nicky Ree For ..
The Tracy Ensemble is Quite a Special Collection !!
Don't miss this beautiful Gown
Thank You for stopping by .. Till next time .. smiles
and twirls back to my own Private Day Dreams ..
((and football *grins))

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Brand New For 2011 .. With Glitz of Course Kembri Tomsen

"Glitz, a 1928 gold lame and lace gown. It currently resides in the depths of a collection, but when I saw it I knew I had to add it to the Seamstress 1920 line!
The cut of the dress, front and back, is true to the original garment. Now,
I could have included some kind of slip, but sometimes a woman wants to show off all her curves and then some! So no slip.There are undergarments, but I would strongly suggest you leave the bra in the folder when you're stepping out in this dress!"
Kembri Tomsen
There is no Doubt Miss Kembri Tomsen, has a Signature Style all her very own ..
be it 1920, 1930- 1940..laced in some 50's just for fun .. then back in time to the..
.. 1860's 1880s well through the 1890s
She hunts and seeks each of her era real life design pieces, to bring to all on The Grid
It is her own Passion .. The History and period of these delightful designs
No matter what part of this gown one enhances the textures are Pure Decadence !
Indeed No stockings needed for this One Ladies .. *smiles*
Breezy enjoyed her time with this beautiful evening gown..
*Gasp* Indeed it is one Smoking Look ..
whispers .. Now, Breezy !! put that Ordinal derringer away !!
*grins* oh well .. The gown and gun .. are indeed smoking .
for more On Miss Kembri and all her new locations please visit her lovely blog
ah the music is not quite up to speed for this blog but video is a most special one
it was time for breezy to take the bite .. as it is raw and not perfect .
but it is short and sweet and shows the true beauty of this creative From Kembri
Breezy thought Glitz ,is the perfect choice to share,
for the very first time .. just
one of the many delights she is toying with in the new year !