Sunday, January 9, 2011

Paging all Steampunk Ladies for A Peek Into Just Some of The LeLultra Line .... *Grins*

The LeLultra Line by The LeLutka Design Group is an entire
different out of the box , over the top pristine Look ...
Many a Blogger , Many of The most dedicated bloggers are now including the designs
of LeLutka for a reason .. Because each of their creatives are outstanding !!
The First Gown Breezy shall share today is The LeLultra Cylinder Red Gown ..
The LeLultra Cylinder Red Gown .. From The LeLultra Never More Series
is a stunning Gown .. The textures , The Lace Trim . The clever Topper !!
As A Steampunk Lady , Breezy's head did turn twice on this Series !!
It is her intention that some others shall as well ..
For it is a privilege to blog for this Most Special House ..
The Red Cylinder Gown shown here with The Cylinder Jacket (sold separately)
Indeed makes a statement ..
These are elegant Statement Pieces !
*Grins* but wait there is more .. Oh yes Much Much More ....
*Beams* ..
what did she tell ya ... How wicked fun is this ensemble ?????
Behold The LeLUltra *RAVEN* Ensemble
Why Yes not one but 4 different Cage Looks are included .. 2 with an AO
and 2 without .. with or with invisible Prim options ..
This is a very outstanding and most clever done ensemble ..
The Raven Gown is well worth the Coin !!
*smiles* example of Just on of the four (included) Cage Corsets with working AO ..
This particular collection is not new .. Released In May of 2010
But it is New to Breezy and she think it might be new to some that visit this blog
Hence the Over the top Review :)
The Raven Ensemble is Truly a work of Art and Just Quite Clever !!!
The many looks one can achieve with the Raven Collection are delightful and plenty !
Well Yes one can even simply go for a Vintage Couture Dramatic Elegant Look
As well With The LuLUltra *Raven* Ensemble .
Breezy is wearing Boots with the *Raven* Gown .. The Dramatic Statement of The Gown
Just called for them .. in her eyes .. The result a Strong Woman
Rich with Style .. Out of Her Cage I might add ..((smiles))
Dramatic Beautiful and Bold .. as Fashion In Second Life so often Can Be !
Last but not Least by a long shot .. for today's Blog from LeLUltra is Panic in Silver
This Fantastic Look , *The Panic* ensemble includes
a Lace Gown that the photos just do not do Justice to
It's Sleek Textures and intricate cute work ..
.. The coat comes with the ensemble but it is also sold Separately ..
The rich bold look is sophicated and timeless really .
Let *The Panic* be in the Style not in any one's Life :)
Visit The World of LeLutka Designs today
They are waiting for YOU ....

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