Tuesday, February 1, 2011

BlakOpal Designs Introduces The Charlotte Gown Collection

Breezy had the Pleasure of Seeing a sneak preview this Fabulous Gown,
Saturday night.At The 3rd Annual Founders Day Ball  held at her beloved Piermont Landing
Indeed Blakopal Designs is not only a generous Sponsor
Blak and Trilo are dear Friends to Breezy
Have been for years now *smiles*
when breezy's friends have new releases it really is a celebration
and always exciting .. silly perhaps .
but these artists and their babies ie creations  like them are special ...
The many Looks of the Charlotte Gown Collection are most beautiful and fun .. 
This is Blakopal Designs Whimsy , pure fantasy at its Best !!
The rich Detailed Lace .. The fine satin and Velvet embroidery ..
The rich textures are Most Powerful Pure Steam  ..
Pure Octane of Blakopal Designs !!!!!!!!!!!!
The Music for this Gown .. Timeless Classic like these designs ..
Feel Good Music Folks .. 
Cause breezy feels really good ..
Breezy is Indeed a SeaBreeze .. Much of her life is evolved of her own Passion
of the Sea .. This collection .is powerful  like the waves .. Splashing ..
But as a Seabreeze breezy knows and respect this ..

"This outfit makes use of Viewer 2.x "multi-wearable" features. Since summer 2010, the Second Life Viewer (and compatible Third Party Viewers) has allowed wearing multiple attachments on an attachment point, or multiple items of clothing on a single clothing layer. Older Viewers can still wear the outfit, but are limited to wearing only one item per attachment point/clothing layer."
"Theand long skirt both attach to the pelvis. When putting the skirts on, you have the choice to select "wear" from the drop down menu, which will replace whatever you are currently wearing on that attachment point, or select "add" which will put it on in addition to what you are currently wearing. For the full outfit, you should wear all three skirts together."
"The outfit also comes with two bodice tops, which are both worn on the jacket layer, one with an open front, and the other with a more modest closed front panel.
You do not need to wear both at once.
This outfit has been designed to be worn lots of different ways.
 Take some time to try on the pieces and figure out your favorite combinations.
Enjoy! "
Blakopal Designs ....

BlakOpal Designs offers wearable art and specialized pieces for both ladies and gentlemen in Second Life. Drawing from neo-Victorian, gothic, and steampunk inspirations, Miss BlakOpal Galicia and Mr. TriloByte Zanzibar create works that infuse passion and adventure with just a dash of whimsy. At the main store, you will find the complete line of piratewear, menswear, corsets and gowns for ladies and more.

Blakopal Designs can't get in world atm .. no worries they are everywhere ((grins))
so why not   click today ..

A true feel good collection .. Oh la la on the Signature Blakopal scripted Flows 
 with three skirts choices including the skirt bustle.
 Three top choices .. many looks and combos can be achieved with this lovely ensemble