Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Coraline" Coming soon From The Curious Seamstress

 "It is based on an Edwardian gown from about 1905 and created by Jacques Doucet from the House of Doucet. The gown currently resides in the drawer of a museum collection and to my knowledge has not been seen in public since the 1900s. The gown is made of silk of various weights, both sheer and opaque . There are satin bows on the sleeves, and another larger bow at the breast with black beaded tassels. The gown over all is composed of a brilliant coral color that is certainly eye catching! This is not the gown of a young girl, but rather of a woman who is quite self-confident. While I cannot say who the owner of this gown was, she was most certainly a woman of extraordinary taste."
Lady Kembri Tomsen
Curious Seamstress

ah Coraline, The Color, The textures, the cut .. together make this Vintage evening
Most  eye catching, stunning and beautiful !!!
 Kembri takes and makes the time to find these most original Designs
and then takes her time to configure, redesign and ensemble her creative
for all to enjoy and purchase on grid ..
 Breathtaking , stunning looks and  designs every time with heart
from The Curious Seamstress !!
 The beauty and fullness of the skirts makes for the perfect Ballroom  Gown !!
two gorgous modable fans, one  open and one closed included ...
Comming soon from The Lady herself Kembri Tomsen
The Curious Seamstress
 The Second Part of this Beautiful Sneak Peek , A lovely gift to breezy
from the Amazing House of Donna Flora .. 
Indeed Miss Squinternet Larnia is an amazing clothing designer,
but. Her Pure Classic Couture Jewelery Line is Just Magnificent..
Breezy is wearing and shall be wearing it often ..
The Sister XENIA-set  necklace and earings in Black  From Donna Flora.
It shall be released next week .. The collection  just beautiful !!
Just a peek at the Undergarments for this one :)
Indeed more romance and love is in the air ...
three different bottoms includes .. and the rich smooth satin and lace trim ..
just dreamy ...  Coraline  Coming soon  From The Curious Seamstress


Gabrielle Riel said...


*screams and passes out with joy*

Breezy Carver said...

aww Gabi :)