Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year with DNR Phoeinix Gown to Start !!!!!

Chinese New Year starts with the New Moon on the first day of the new year and ends on the full moon 15 days later. The 15th day of the new year is called the Lantern Festival, which is celebrated at night with lantern displays and children carrying lanterns in a parade. The Chinese calendar is based on a combination of lunar and solar movements. The lunar cycle is about 29.5 days. In order to "catch up" with the solar calendar the Chinese insert an extra month once every few years (seven years out of a 19-yearcycle). This is the same as adding an extra day on leap year. This is why, according to the solar calendar, the Chinese New Year falls on a different date each year. New Year's Eve and New Year's Day are celebrated as a family affair, a time of reunion and thanksgiving. The celebration was traditionally highlighted with a religious ceremony given in honor of Heaven and Earth, the gods of the household and the family ancestors. The sacrifice to the ancestors, the most vital of all the rituals, united the living members with those who had passed away. Departed relatives are remembered with great respect because they were responsible for laying the foundations for the fortune and glory of the family.
Year 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit by the Chinese calendar.
What better way to bring in this Festive Holiday then with this amazing creation
From Nicky Ree The Phoenix Gown .. With Jewels and hair pieces from Alienbear Gupte (Alienbear Oriental Serene set )
ah and hair by Tukinowaguma (Youmei)

What a most powerful and memorable Collaberation done with love
for  Serene Faith
MVW 2011 and Ms Hong Kong 2011
WoW where does little breezy begin with this amazing ensemble
How about it is true art .. with layers and layers each most delicate
several looks can be achieved with the Phoenix Gown from Nicky Ree ..
DNR Phoenix, is based on the romantic style of the Tang dynasty with some modern influences.
 This costume is very versatile with options on styles on how to wear
the various pieces to create different looks and moods.
But for the full grand effect, it is best to wear all the pieces together combined with the beautiful jewellery designed by my friend Alienbear Gupte (Alienbear Oriental Serene set )
 and hair by Tukinowaguma (Youmei).
Powerful colored textures and hand drawn details with much heart and love,
 are just some of the ingredients
Nicky puts into each of her Couture Designs
Result  Unforgettable Looks like the Phoenix !!
Breezy always says save the Drama for the clothing ..
Here is a perfect example of what she is talking about ...
Sleek , Romantic , and Dramatic it is all in This Nicky Ree  Gown !!!! 
When Breezy Saw this entire Ensemble she Jumped for it ..
She watched others blog on it  and smiled .. For she knew when she would
Unveil on her very own Blog .. smiles .
  Happy Chinese New Years to all !!
Be Royalty in your very own Moment with the help these Amazing Designers
The star Nicky Ree's Phoenix Gown available in 10 spectacular Shades ts
Happy Chinese New Year to All !!!
May the Year of the Rabbit be good to all
and Visit these amazing Designers Soon !!! 
Year 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit by the Chinese calendar.
A placid year, very much welcomed and needed after the ferocious year of the Tiger.
 We should go off to some quiet spot to lick our wounds and get some rest
 after all the battles of the previous year.
Good taste and refinement will shine on everything and people will acknowledge
that persuasion is better than force. A congenial time in which diplomacy,
international relations and politics will be given a front seat again.
We will act with discretion and make reasonable concessions without too much difficulty.
A time to watch out that we do not become too indulgent. The influence of the Rabbit tends to spoil those who like too much comfort and thus impair their effectiveness and sense of duty.
Law and order will be lax; rules and regulations will not be rigidly enforced. No one seems very inclined to bother with these unpleasant realities. They are busy enjoying themselves, entertaining others or simply taking it easy. The scene is quiet and calm, even deteriorating to the point of somnolence. We will all have a tendency to put off disagreeable tasks as long as possible
Money can be made without too much labor. Our life style will be languid and leisurely as we allow ourselves the luxuries we have always craved for. A temperate year with unhurried pace. For once, it may seem possible for us to be carefree and happy without too many annoyances.

 Breezy Loves  Loves Happy Bunny !!! 
Oh Come had to have a wee bit of fun here ..

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