Friday, February 25, 2011

Lady Kembri Tomsen's latest Release : *Rosetta*,1898 House of Worth gown.

 Like a  passage in time .. A Journey if you please
each one of these spectacular ensembles has a story.
 Lady  Kembri Tomsen's latest Release
 *Rosetta*,  1898 House of Worth gown.
Rosetta, 1898 House of Worth gown.
Made of printed silk, lace shoulder puffs, and a bell shaped skirt,
this gown is a glorious ode to spring time. 2 sets of Period undergarments are included.
This is The House of Worth, folks .. History at it finest !!!
Delicate, Decadence in Spectacular Designs...
This is one of the finest ,historical, creative ,upscale design houses that set the Bar ..
Funny thing about second life .. Some can write about things like they know it ..
Others *smile* have the ability to  create and enjoy  just the things they do !
They are able  to adore, respect and enjoy !
Huge difference there :)
There is not a bad angle or view of this gorgeous Gown, Brought to second life
for all to wear, admire and enjoy by my close friend, Lady Kembri Tomsen ,
owner of The Curious Seamstress
 Breezy comes from a real life place in time that was and is all about the mid and late 1800s ..

The gilded age .. smiles .. a time when American Castles were the norm ..
Many of these homes .. Now considered American Castles,
are now museums and just fabulous captures in time ..
 So yes when Breezy met Lady Kembri Tomsen with her breathtaking real live
creative master pieces ..
She was just quite impressed with and by Lady Kembri's keen insight for details ..
Impressed by the fact, that this woman had enough passion to not only find these wonderful gowns and ensembles ,but nail them and research them .. and take the time to bring them into world !
No one comes close to doing what Lady Kembri does!
 The grid is a better place with her beautiful Victorian , and Diesel punk gowns and ensembles !!
Sure other do lovely work and creative . But Lady Kembri a bit more deliberate and passionate with each of her ensembles ..From the textures the undergarments . The risk taking to go a bit beyond in bringing Real live vintage couture .Gifts of fashion to us all .. Breezy just thought it time to give a special extra care and mention to this clever precise historical Designer . Some of the finest ladies on the grid .. wear Curious Seamstress with enjoyment and pride
 Visit her today .. In world and on Market Place ...
for more info ..
Ball gown *Rosetta*, an 1898 House of Worth gown.

Below is a video of some of the most Dynamic gowns of The House of Worth !!
Visit Lady Kembri Tomsen .. today ..
For she has captured  many of these Beautiful Stories in  historic gowns ..
and  brought them to second life with great care ..
with a Most original style and creative ..
Own a part of history .. Be the Lady you really are
Visit Curious Seamstress today !!!

Indeed ,Must have a very Romantic Tale ...


Rose's said...

Beautiful blog... loved the ending video. It's clear how much time and attention you lavish on the blogs.

Kembri Tomsen said...

I want to thank you Breezy, for this very special blog. The genuine kindness and love that shines from it, as well as the public praise, made me sniffle and reach for a hanky. Being a designer in SL can be a lonely thing with long hours of work in order to create special items. I am not complaining though, because I adore what I do! However, I have often wondered what people really thought of my work, since most folks really don't comment often on any one particular gown. It has to be assumed by me that if a gown is selling and I have women who come back time and again to purchase from me, then the work must be good. For me this was a truly stunning look at my work through someone elses eyes. Thank you.

I love what I do. I have an absolute passion for bringing these breathtaking stories of genius and long ago couture, true couture, to Second Life. I have always wanted to share these garments with other people so that they will not fade away and be forgotten. If I can introduce a 21st century woman to a 19th century genius like Worth or Doucet, Callot Souers or Redfern, and she falls in love with that work, then I've done what I set out to do in 2008. My goal then became to share my love of these elegant creations with other women and perhaps do a little teaching along the way. There were times when I wondered if it mattered and if what I did was any good or not. You have given me an answer to both questions. I really don't know if I can thank you enough.

To date there are some 15 ensembles among the Curious Seamstress lines that are from the House of Worth. I don't always remember to mark it on the ad, but it is usually in the note card! I think my next project may be to compile a list with pictures of the gowns!

Thank you again, Breezy, for showing me that I have been able to touch at least one heart out there. It is a gift I will not forget for a long time.