Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Beauty of The Secret Shelf ....

In any world , this thing we call Life, is a true Journey ..
With it's many bumps , twists, turns to pretty rainbows and shiny quarters !
These are just some of what make up The Beautiful and Spectacular adventures
that wait for each of us to experience .. *smiles*
They are all out there ..but often we just have to be patient
and do the time in order to experience the safe Place ..
Miss Seraphim Rhode owner of The Secret Shelf  understands this .. 
Breezy has the privilege to share just a wee bit of her ensembles here ..
Behold just a peak into her beautiful creative
The Secret Shelf
in world and on Market Place
"Hello! My name is Seraphim Rhode, and welcome to my small shop of secrets. From naughty to nice, I traffic in scribe and role play supplies, themed furniture sets, scripted collars, and ensembles that straddle the line between fantasy costumes and slave silks- all scripted to perfection. So sit a spell on one of the couches, open a book, enjoy a drink, dance on the roof-top lounge, or explore the ancient ruins and experience the pleasures of my little sanctuary. For questions, problems, or special requests- IM Seraphim Rhode. You'll be surprised what I can pull out of my sleeve, or off a shelf!"
" Seraphim Rhode"
The Watchmaker's Wife .. *smiles* of course it is .. 
The amazing Skin and fun Gown
found only at  The Secret Shelf   on Steam *4* The Hunt .. 
Yet another view of this Beautiful Steampunk creative ..
Yes The key is included
Gown By  The Secret Shelf  
Parasol and Darling Topper From To a T
both found on Steam*4* The Hunt
Indeed Steampunk is a wonderful Mind set that makes everything all better
for many of we .. So jump on the hunt ..
Visit these Amazing Shops today !!
And get on *Steam* The hunt Going on  Month Long !!
 The Secret Shelf  
To to T
All found On Steam*4* The Hunt going on now ..

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