Monday, March 7, 2011

Four Designer Powerhouses Celebrate and Carnival With Creative Designs!!!

Four Designer Powerhouses  Celebrate and Carnival With Creative Designs !!!
Now that I hope dear Breezy got Your attention ..
The Holiday is Mardis Gras
First one Up ..  Let's Start With Black Lace Designs 
Breezy added some purple stockings and gold Pumps
but the rest is all  pure Blacklace Designs
Fun yet  .. saucy .. Your wearing Blacklace
Ah next we turn it up a whole Lot .. Welcome to Blakopal Desgins
The tattoo Mask and face that Blakopal has created here
alone  is Just Breathtaking !!
See this Hot Hot Creative Festival Indeed in motion 
click on link below ..
The look .. the cut .. the sassy hot steam flows
in this ensemble . see in motion ...
Enjoy your festivals in fabulous style. This colorful outfit consists of a skimpy string bikini adorned with sheer sequined silks hanging in front and back from a sculpted metal and gem chain around the hip. The silks include a tiered bustle at the back that flow and flit as you dance. There are matching gloves trimmed with more silks at the elbow, and sheer lace stockings.
The outfit also includes a porcelain and gold venetian-style mask which is worn as a tattoo layer for perfect fit. The jester crown hat adorned with gems and soft feathers finishes the outfit off marvelously!


• Bikini top
• Bikini bottom
• Hip chain
• Silks
• Bustle
• Stockings
• Gloves
• Mask
• Hat
Next Up we Visit The House of Donna FLora !!!
Meet  *VENICE*
and this is a fun One !!!
The Mask .. either  tattoo or prim
the Hat .. just over the top ..
layers upon layer ..
You Decide !! 
Long or short ..
Oh la la .. satin upon satin Ruffles and Feathers
You be wearing Donna Flora
Last but not least .. Breezy is wearing ..
From Devious Mind
“Perola do Brasil”
  In Pink
Burlesque Couture and Carnival Costume
by !dM deviousMind
layers upon layers  .of looks and plenty in this Sweet little number !!!
Sparkles and Pearls ..  and feathers and silk ..
 Devious Mind

Perola do Brasil” was inspired by Brazilian Samba costumes during carnival season,
 to bring you the world-famous flair of Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro to the grid!
\check their blog
or visit in world ...

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