Friday, March 25, 2011

Graves meets Lost Angel and What a Match !

Breezy is wearing *Magic* by Graves owned 
 by The Modest Master creator ,Jackie Graves
Clean Cut textures with Original saucy designs
this is not run of the mill Latex Folks ...
 leather latex costume

A very versatile outfit for mixing and matching.
You can use it in many ways,
 for example to create a club uniform, waitress, bunny,
sourceress or hostess look.Many layers and prim extras.
Now what has breezy gotten herself into now ..  *grins*
Well yes she is wearing another ensemble from *Graves*
But the chair is a brand new Release from *Lost Angel* ..
as a matter of fact Breezy has much to share from *Lost Angel*
Breezy is sitting on *Lost Angel*'s latest Release
* THE F U T U R I S T I C   C H A I R *
* Multipose with 12 female posh poses inside.
*Menu' Commanded. Sit on the chair, touch it and chose/change pose.
*To adjust pose type /1a in general chat and follow instructions.
The Futuristic chair by Lost Angel  is very special
5 Different colors included in the pack: black, white, silver, pink and blue.
with different texture animated hologram decorations.
Permissions are: copy and mod.
Redelivery System: enabled.
Vouchers: enabled.
Now a personal word about *Lost Angel*
As Breezy has been a loyal customer .. oh for ever . grins
But when an animation house like this ,Does an over haul
Pay attention .. Their animations and poses are clean and tight !
Always remarkable and Most original !!
Well i guess rather then breezy ramble with passion ..
She shall share they Updated Web Site
then perhaps you too shall be excited about *Lost Angels*
What a remarkable Meeting  Graves and Lost Angel
Breezy is wearing one of  Graves ,latest Release as well
 - White - ripped leather latex suit

White & transparent.
+ Long Top with transparent latex
+ Long Top without transparent latex
+ Short Top with transparent latex
+ Short Top without transparent latex
+ Long Pants with transparent latex
+ Long Pants without transparent latex
+ Short Pants with transparent latex
+ Short Pants without transparent latex
+ Gloves with transparent latex
+ Gloves without transparent latex
+ Socks with transparent latex
+ Socks without transparent latex
+ Collar with transparent latex
+ Collar without transparent latex
+ Optional Bra (show more or less skin ;)
+ Optional Leg Dagger
+ Optional Leg Snap Hook
Multi Layer.
Prim Parts have modify permissions.
Collar and Cuff with scripted resize.
Mix and Match for more then 100 combinations.
Also available in Black.

Ah ... looks as if little breezy has escaped ...
or has she ???
To be continues ....
Visit Lost Angel
 and Graves today
The Sagas always continue


LostAngel said...

Thank you Breezy! I agree LostAngel and Graves is a great match and i always love to wear Graves outfits! Thank you for being a loyal customer and thanks for the great dedicated post !May i use one of your pics with your name and link to the blog for a dedicated section on my website? Thanks! Angie

Breezy Carver said...

Yess !
(( hugss :) ))