Monday, March 28, 2011

Grim Bros Presents couture- mechalibrarian - steampunk dress

Ohhh Ladies this is a fun one !!!!
Ms Cutea  of *Grim Bros* had fun with this Couture ...
*couture- mechalibrarian - steampunk dress*
The Mechalibraian Steampunk dress 
This ensemble covers a steampunk gal from head to toe !!!
"this elaborate outfit will turn you into a walking talking steampunk library. the skirt is extremely detailed with stacks of books, maps, sheets of paper, ink, even crumpled paper as well as candles with ickle particle flames and animated script transparencies, all within a mechanical looking construct of metal and animated gears. the top is a combination of layer clothing and sculpted prims. the shoes are elegant and come with playful swirls, and the hat not only sports more book stacks but also clocks (not working). all in all an outfit that may well become the most completely steampunk in your inventory. a must have for ladies of literature, poets, librarians and other bibliomaniacs!"

grab it now on market place
*couture- mechalibrarian - steampunk dress*
On sale now both regularly and for RFL .
there is a complete version with hat and heels for 555,
 but also a budget version for 380 without hat and heels.
*That Cutea does think of all always*
*couture- mechalibrarian - steampunk dress*
With two different chest looks
three different gowns
two different skirts
The Mechallibrarian is quite the Look ...
the details to cogs  books and well .. you know
every good writer has to make many notes .. in this gown
you shall not only styling but baring all ...

The shoes included in the full version Just adorable and most trendy ..
Classic Steamy Cutea indeed !!
as always  copy, mod no transfer on these babies ..
So Head On over to Grim Bros. today and grab this vintage
Steampunk   ensemble !!! 
The rest is .. History .. pun so intended !!!
Ah and kudos and Congratulations To Miss Cutea for Winning First Place
In New Babbage's  BHM  build contest
for more info and photos