Friday, April 29, 2011

From BlakOpal Designs ~The Salty Wench Outfit Free Toolbar
wench   /wɛntʃ/
[wench] Show IPA
1. a country lass or working girl: The milkmaid was a healthy wench.
2. Usually Facetious . a girl or young woman.
3. Archaic . a strumpet.
–verb (used without object)
4. to associate, especially habitually, with promiscuous women.
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Middle English, back formation from wenchel,
 Old English wencel child, akin to wancol tottering, said of a child learning to walk;
 akin to German wankeln to totter
—Related forms
wench·er, noun
—Can be confused:   wench, winch. Unabridged
Based on the Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2011.
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bird, chick, dame, doll, skirt
Now for the fun Part ....
From BlakOpal Designs
The Salty Wench Outfit - White

This is indeed a fun one .. Layers of Lace, Worn leathers .. cotton and buckle .

As always With Blakopal Designs The Looks are plenty with this
Saucy Delightful Ensemble .
Breezy has added The Blalopal
Swashbuckler Lady Pirate Boots - Black
(sold separately and Now available in *Brown*)
What ever your pleasure Mate .. This is a fun and whimsy Collection .
Each one of us are made of many many stories, adventures and journeys .
Some express them in design, creative, writings and role play ..
Some just keep them private ..
From BlakOpal Designs

The Salty Wench Outfit - White
A sexy serving girl outfit, with lots of charisma and style. The cap sleeved top is rolled up and tied in a deep V at the front, exposing a heavy leather front-laced corset. Matching bracers are worn on the arms, and theres a panty made of the same stitched leather. A tight semi-sheer skirt cascades in sheer layers over the sheer and lace stockings. There is also a handy purse belt for stashing those tips you're sure to get!

All animations and props from Lost Angel  Industries
“Wind of Desire“

The first release of ”Sensual Nights“

Next Up Breezy is wearing
From BlakOpal Designs ~The Salty Wench Outfit - Red
Behold up close these beautiful aged leather textures ..held together with laces and stitches 
 trimmed  with detailed black lace
Release that Little Wench inside you .. Take a good Look at BlakOpal's
Salty Wench Outfit in Red or White today ..
((licks one lips .. feeling a bit parched just blogging it .. *grins))
It is an honor to dance and serve in such welled weaved threads ..
(( Really great out of the Box Creative Here .. Yet again BlakOpal !!))
Wear Your Fantasies .. Save the drama for the Look ..
The grid is a good place to play for some of us that way ..
Thanks for visiting , See ya next time ..

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kira Long Gown From Son!a Designs .. Dance The Night Away .......

A  ... Breezy is Wearing Kira in Ice Blue by Son!a Designs
This sophisticated and elegant, sleek gown is extraordinary !

The Evening begins with a slow Stroll along the dock ,
Please note the beauty in the flow of this Son!a Designs Gown .
also the most dashing company ..
Breezy's hair is By Son!a as well Avarice Fantasy up do in Blond
One of four new Deadly Sins Hair  releases.
Son!a's  Kira Long Gown in Ice blue gown flows
The Cut and textures of Kira are Typical perfection of Son!a !
Satin and lace with textures that sparkle and hug the avi to flatter always.
This is the magic touch of Son!a Designs .
Dance the night away ...
When wearing Son!a , A girl shall always Dance Her Nights away !
The Look and Design by Son!a Designs ..
The good Feelings inside and out ..
the link to those are  private


Nothing screams chic quite like vintage couture and that's exactly
what you'll find at Sonatta Morales,
 which boasts an impressive line of classic styles from the 1920s to the 1950s,
perfect for aspiring flappers ready to do the Charleston all night long.

Miss Sonatta Morales Had Released a Spectacular New Collection a while (ahem) back ..
Breezy has been so busy with  all worlds ..
Please Allow her to Share   Sonatta Morales .. *SANDS*
and This One is a Hot Sleek Rich Satin and Fur Ensemble
Sonatta Morales 1920's, 1930's, 1940's, 1950's, Vintage Couture

Breezy feels drenched in Satin and Fur with Sands .. The Ensemble is rich and eloquent .
 .. With two complete looks ..
The Coat with  Fur Trim . (( Neck and Cuffs)  and Head Band Hat
Make Sonatta's Morales's *SANDS* Perfect for shopping, business , and Travel ..
Perhaps a Mission in Espionage and intrigue all your very own ..

Then One, simply removes their Jacket and The whole *Sands* Look gets turned up Many Degrees !
Now one notices the Details not only in this Gorgeous Gold Satin but the Detail work on Miss Sonatta's  black Lace .. Gloves , choker, trim on skirt and sides .. Add Some Sonatta Stockings and one is Set for the Evening .
 is the most delightful
Speak Easy .. *grins*....
Just teleport to Sonatta's Newer Releases and tucked to the left of the landing ..
Behold .. You shall find ..Spione ... just click on The Door and go right in ..
Oh its dark .. and Mysterious .. Just the way it should be .. *wink*
SONATTA MORALES WEIRD COUTURE of these Designers Give YOU the creative .. Some even add a wicked cool location
What YOU do with it all is Up to You .. 
The music .. The characters .. Where You go .. How YOU feel its all up to You ..
Today's Blog is on The Fabulous World of Sonatta Morales Haunt Couture
Ensemble *Sands* .. no more no less ..

Gold Satin, Black Lace and Fur Trims That is *Sands* how Stunning  !!!!
Sonatta Dear, 
Yet another Spectacular Ensemble from
a A Brilliant Modest Fun Designer that You continue to be ..
Thank YOU my friend  !! 
Spies .. Espionage.. Mystery ?? .. Nonsense !!!  
Breezy was just shopping .. Yes That's it !!
humm  Notice the RF on those papers being locked in Safe  ((in video))

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lady Hope, by Charles Worth .. From Lady Kembri Tomsen .

"This Victorian conversion gown, Lady Hope, by Charles Worth. The gown is from the early 1890s, not too long before M. Worth passed away. The gown is called a conversion gown because it could be used for either day time visits or evening entertainments. It's not quite fancy enough for a formal ball, but it would do nicely for evening receptions or dinners. It required only a change of bodice and accessories, and was something many Victorian women did in order to stretch their wardrobes."
Lady Kembri Tomsen
Breezy goes for a we bit of a different flair and adds
 this Darling Hatpins Lady Jean Derby with black lace Vail.
The day time bodice is a jacket style with long sleeves.  There are sheer inserts in the sleeves and a lovely lace collar.  The evening bodice has beige velvet sleeves with just a touch of black lace.  There are matching system skirts for each bodice.  The prim skirts can be worn with either set of system skirts.  There are two sets of gloves in this ensemble.  Day visiting gloves, and a pair of cream evening gloves.  The prim sleeves are only for the evening gown portion and have been left mod. 
A Vintage Lady perhaps Might take a Stroll and do some shopping with her parasol.
Just Perfect for walk in New Babbage Port !
One can even stop by for a visit at One of Lady Kembri's Shop locations while there ..
Lady Kembri included two head pieces .. A day hat and a lovely evening feather ..
Two pairs of gloves ..  day strollers and long evening gloves
Of course period Undergarments Also Included .
Breezy adds a feather hand fan  not included with Hope,
But included in Yet another beautiful creative ensemble by
Lady Kembri Tomsen ..
The Details, The Textures .. ah Devinne !!
Indeed a most Special Gown ! ... Enjoy this Stunning versatile Vintage Worth gown from
From Lady Kembri Dance .. Curious Seamstress of  GWD...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

On The Grid .. One can Have it all .. One really can ...

Second Life .. Fun. Characters .. Giving .. Sharing . Music .. Fashion ..  Fantasy 
 all " feel good" things ..
Remember that when judging others .. *smiles*
What makes YOU feel good might not be the same as another ..
Thus the blog today are styles and looks laced with a bit of feel good Music
That Breezy enjoys !!
A woman alone with her thoughts .. Where  can she go ....
In any world really .. Its all at one finger tips ..
Gardens .. Decor.. Life ..Design... Creative .. Day dreams . Work .. 
Family .. Friends .. What's you Passion ??  
The journeys and Day Dreams are endless .. The Epic Looks often over the top ..
The creative from wonderful artists can take each and every one of YOU ..
Where one goes is .... so up to them .. Lets open the gate Shall we..
Behold The latest Release from the delightful
MissAllSunday Lemon
Wasabi Pills/ Antiope Hair - Storm
Show Your Style!
[sYs] LYDO - avant garde outfit (color HUD)
[Clothes : Glam, Futuristic, Catsuit, Latex, ...]

[Skins : Naturel & Cyber ]
[Tattoo & Make Up]
[Boots, Ankle Boots, Stomp Boots]
[Accessories : Sunglasses, necklace, mask, ...]
Show Your Style !
Complete Frock  Ensemble
by Show Your Style
[sYs] LYDO - avant garde outfit (color HUD)
[sYs] OZ - Onyxe - ankle boots (resize Hud)
[sYs]  Silver Queen - Necklace (color HUD)

[sYS]  Breezy loves the looks ..of [sYs]
Shall be sharing more with their Culture Shock Event
Blog animations and Umbrella props
left and Right  BRACELETS INKA Blue  NEW
Reach deep and Live With Depth in any World ..
No worries The Right people will embrace and get it ..
As long as it comes from your heart .. No Fear !!!
Cause Good people always find one another
/Wasabi Pills/ Antiope Hair - Storm
[sYs] Silver Queen - Necklace (color HUD)


Breezy would like to send Most Special thanks to MissAllSunday Lemon

Wasabi Pills For her Antiope Hair - Storm
was the inspiration to this entire look and blog .
This new dramatic Hair Style comes in many gorgeous textures of shades .
Perfection plus wicked cool design = Wasabi every time ..
Visit Wasabi Pills today .. You shall be so glad You did !

These cool  bracelets by ..

left and Right BRACELETS INKA Blue NEW
The Sea is always in back drop .. for this Seabreeze ..
The True rich thoughts and deep feelings are kept to herself ..
Indeed Special thanks to 
MissAllSunday Lemon

Wasabi Pills/ Antiope Hair - Storm
Continue to feel and Live, Embrace your  Passion
Wear your Fantasy and Save The  Drama ..
Surround yourself with plus people ..
Seek the folks that do and enjoy depth...
 ..  grins ..
Visit these amazing creative designers  today .. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

New Babbage's First Ever Charity Land Auction For RFLSL Saturday April 23rd!

New Babbage's First Ever Charity Land Auction For RFLSL Saturday April 23rd!
Have YOU heard ???
New Babbage is Having a Land Auction for Relay of Life of Second Life
On Saturday April 23rd at 1pm
The Clever  ((often  aloof and  quite Moody )) Clockwinder
Mayor Mosseveno Tenk himself,
Shall put several Parcel for auction On Wheatstone Waterways of New Babbage .
And if that is not enough ..
The Clockwinder is Including  4  (Four) weeks Tier with each Parcel Purchased  !!
This is truly an Amazing offer !!
Repeating ..
Each parcel purchased will be granted 4 weeks tier .
with all proceeds going to New Babbage's very own RFLSL Team!
The Generosity and Kind Acts of New Babbage's Clockwinder are indeed,
 a Most Unique Occasion !
All for a Worthy Most Powerful Cause .. But wait wait .. What is
Doctor Obolensky doing lurking about ????
Shudders why on earth is That Villain showing up here ??
What Evil Villiantry is Doctor Obolensky up to ???
What could it ???
New Babbage has been rather quiet of Late ..
What does the future hold ??
Who will be buying these wonderful parcels ???
New Babbage The City of Industry, Mystery, Intrigue and Inspiration for so Many !!
It really is all is about The bricks and cobble stones.. you know .
For They hold the secrets, They keep the  stories , They Inspire, Spark and Lock in the tales.
Who Knows what Lurks around the corner .
The Twists and turns of each story ..
The dark and mystery of each cobble ..
Its all waiting for You ..
((Special thanks to The Clockwinder ,
Miss Beq Janus for the auction poster 
 and Doctor O))
Below a List of parcels to be  auctioned off by Mayor Tenk on Saturday, April 23, at 1pm SLT.
Do not miss this wonderful opportunity to live out your experiences in this  Wonderous era and create very own Second Life Steampunk Industrial dream.
All proceeds will go to New Babbage Relay For Life of Second Life.
Lot #16. Gatto Gelatto. 1536sqm 351 prims. Corner lot on canals, water level.
Lot #20. Galleria del Gatto A. 1280sqm 292 prims. Canal access, water level.
Lot #21. Galleria del Gatto B. 1024 sqm 234 prims. Canal access, water level.
Lot #25. Militia HQ. 1024sqm 234 prims. Canal access, water level.
Lot #26. Wiggyfish cannery. 1024sqm 234 prims. Canal access, water level.