Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day From A ❤Sea Breeze❤

In Honor of those we Have Lost ~ Those who Have Served~ It's A Great Day To Honor
To Celebrate God and Country !
God Bless all The Troops and God Bless America
on This Memorial Day !!
 As all rush about and around .. Be it the Parades, The BBQs, The Gardening ..
Take a Moment to thank and remember all those that have served and fought for this Amazing Freedom and Liberty we share here in The USA ..
 Breezy.(( a Seabreeze herself)) is wearing
 The Darling  ❤Sea Breeze❤ from Bare@Rose
She was  thrilled to see it and wear it !!
Thank YOU  Tori and as always
Special thank yous to the amazing
 Modest Designer June of Bare@Rose
 ❤Sea Breeze❤
This adorable Sailor suit comes with lots of different options for unique looks !
Set includes White sailor jacket with sculptes pieces, 4 colors of tie choices,version with no tie, hotpants or mini skirt options.
Also includes gloves, socks, shoes, and sculpted Sailor hat !
❤Sea Breeze❤ from Bare@Rose ..
Up toYou to supply the extra hearts :)
Ladies and Gentlemen if you are lucky enough to know  Ones that Served
Make a Point to give them a great Big Hug and Special thanks today !!
Notice the look in their eyes when You Do ..
to The Ones That did not Return ...
A Special Powerful Poem  for their love ones
That says it all
A soldier's Mother worries when he goes to war.
She wonders if he is safe and happy,
or if she will see him any more.

She knows he doesn't want this war,
But she can also realize
He's fighting for a freedom,
This freedom is their Lives.

I don't want this War,
But people hear my voice;
I'm fighting for something special,
My Mother's right of choice.

So if I should die in combat,
Mother, please don't weep;
For I would rather die protecting you
Than die while I'm asleep.

If God should take me unto him,
During hate, hostility and war,
Remember, Mother, I love my country,
But I love you even more.
Written by
W. S. C
in VietNam March 1968
Killed in VietNam July 28,1968”  
Below take a moment to watch ..
A song for each of America's arm forces
The Most Powerful and Strong
Do You know The words ???  
Such Powerful Songs .. Do You know The Words ???

Saturday, May 28, 2011

N1CO [LIF] Pink Trooper Doll

This a Fun One ... grins.. As Breezy always types
Wear Your Fantasies on The Grid !!
 Pink space warrior girl, By N1CO , seems to be cute but she can be also rude ;)
High detailed outfit with sculpted shoulder armor, cyber goggles, tech braclet and boots ( with alpha layer for invisible feets ) , leg garter with gun ( not scripted ) , belt and pelvis attachment. ( resizer scripts included , please make sure to make a copy of the items before u delete the scripts inside )
Animated textures give them all an better high tech and realistic look .
The cloth textures are also very detailed designed with metalic shine efect and many accesoirs.
 The Quality of the Prim work and Striking Textures make this complete ensemble
The Boots, The Suit, The Prim and particle attachments
Make this ensemble an eye catcher..
N1CO [LIF] Pink Trooper Doll
In World
On Market Place
N1CO [LIF] Pink Trooper Doll
In World
On Market Place
Backround and poses by
Virtual Props and Poses

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Say if I only could, Graves and Wasabi Pills with Virtual Props and Poses

 Breezy peeks behind the Wire Fence .. She ponders .. What the future holds ..
She is wearing Graves  latest Release
GRAVES Assassin - black leather latex dress & hood   
and Wasabi' Pills  latest Hair Release
/Wasabi Pills/ Vicky Hair
 Breezy Poses uses Virtual Props & Poses
Pose Fence
GRAVES Assassin - black leather latex dress & hood
Versatile mini dress with hood for many possible styles.
Cyber, fantasy, goth or classic fetish look....
without the prim extras it can be used for a more casual style too.
Many layers and prim extras
+ Dress top
+ Dress top with undershirt
+ Dress bottom
+ Dress bottom with tights
+ Dress pantieless ;)
+ Dress prim
+ Hood (works without too)
+ Collar drape
+ Shoulder parts
+ Pockets belt
+ Gloves
+ Arm cuffs
+ Leg straps with 3 daggers
prim parts are modify & scripted resize
 For a short skirt as Always Graves gives you endless looks
GRAVES Assassin - black leather latex dress & hood
The Quality and note to detail in the Poses and Props from  
 Virtual Props & Poses  are {Pure} Perfection !!!
You don't want to hurt me,
But see how deep the bullet lies.
Unaware, I'm tearing you asunder.
Ooh, There is thunder in our hearts.
Say if I only could,
I'd make a deal with God,
And I'd get him to swap our places,
Be running up that road,
Be running up that hill,
With no problems...
"Kate Bush"
  Wasabi' Pills latest Hair Release
/Wasabi Pills/ Vicky Hair
endless colars .. fabulous fun
Graves Fashion House
Wasabi Pills Hair
Virtual Props &Poses
Visit these amazing Creative Houses Soon
On Market Place or In World !!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Silent Sparrow Returns with ~NEW! Corbie Suites!~ For Ladies ~

 Real Life is getting a tad busy for all of late.. 
Darn other world .. Imagine !!!!
Grins ..
Breezy is thrilled to both welcome back and share
Miss Hyasynth  Tiramisu
Latest Brilliant Creative
The~NEW! Corbie Suites!
~ For Ladies ~
Breezy is wearing Parts of Corbie suite in Ash ..
Available in signature Silent Sparrow Shades
In World
and On Market Place
 This ensemble is powerful and beautiful and Pure Silent Sparrow at it finest
Soft velvet with crow and filigree detailing.
22 pieces total for a multitude of possible outfits.

(even more when mixed with the suit!)
In World
and On Market Place
 But wait there is More .. 
More Details here
Visit Silent Sparrow today and grab these detailed Wonderful Ensembles Soon

Monday, May 23, 2011

Garden Party from the world of Miss Terrie Dreadlow.............

On a Lighter note from Miss Terrie Dreadlow
Breezy is wearing *Garden Party*  from Has Been Designs .
Breezy adds a pair of Stockings to this Sweet Sunday Delight !
Fun Textures make this the perfect May Weekend Sun Dress ..
For More on This darling Dress and Miss Terrie Dreadlow
Visit her web Site ...
Days dreaming of that most Special guy .. smiles ..
He knows who is he is you in my dreams ...  twirlss for him !!!
Garden Party from the world of Miss Terrie Dreadlow

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Extra Extra Read All About It .. Relay For Life of Second Life and The Robber Baron Ball

 I am Breezy Carver Fabre .. Owner of Piermont Landing
Captain of New Babbage Relay For Life of Second Life 2011
and This is How we Relay ..
 Steampunk Style
 This was  My 3rd Annual Robber Barons Ball ..
The Robber Barons Ball is with a doubt My Favorite Ball ..
However each of these monthly Balls are Most Special events ,
 Visions from my heart if you please
They can only come to Life with the help and support of many !!
I would like to take a moment to thank a Most Extraordinary Community and the Amazing characters that reside in New Babbage, our Friends and Neighbors That all together Help to make
This a Most Special Successful Event ! 
Special Thank Yous to Dr. Obolensky , Gabrielle Riel  and Dear Bookworm Hienrichs
The Clockwinder ..for allowing us all to ..  be !!
ah and to The Man that holds my hand and continues to give me the courage to believe
My Dearest Partner Doctor Rafael Fabre
We all Love Steampunk  and We each Love New Babbage 
Below just a touch of some of the reasons Why ... We so enjoy "This amazing Genre"
 Dr. Obolensky  makes his Gallant Evil Dramatic Entry .. take note to those Always Shining Shoes
((Shiny things of Course :) ))
Amazing Photo take by The lovely Kimika Ying
((thank you Kimika))
The Evil Doctor O Approaches The Lovely Miss Riel
His Reasons can be found here in detail
Of Course Miss Riel refused to assist Dr. Obolensky, and the exchange became heated.
In no Time Gabrielle Riel was locked up by The Evil Dr. Obolensky !
He then Held her for ransom! (All proceeds went to Relay for Life.)
No Worries The Good People of The Steam Land Nations Rallied together
to raise the funds for a quick release ..
The Evil Doctor Scowls ..
Bragging of Rockets Attached to Piermont Landing !!!
All Listened In Horror . as The Evil Doctor Bragged of his Diabolical Plans
For Piermont Landing and All of New Babbage !!  
Ah Wait Miss Bookworm  Henricks has Other Plans ..
*Careful Miss Book*
In no time Miss Bookworm ((Our Hero))  Had shoved The Evil Doctor Into a Cage as Well
The Good Citizens of New Babbage Friends and Neighbors Raised Funds to Keep him Captive !
The Clockwinder was Most Pleased ..
And The Evil Doctor Was Safely Caged for the entire Rest of the Event ..
With close to 60 thousand lindens Raised ..
25 thousand For The lovely Miss Riel's Release
went to Aether Chrononauts RFL Team
33 thousand went to
New Babbage RLF team for  Keeping Doctor 0 Jailed
These are our over the Top Sagas ..
They do Continue .. Smiles .. Visit New Babbage Soon
It's calling YOU .. Waiting for You ...
We are Steampunks .. We Build with Prims and Visions .
We Tell and share Stories  from Our Hearts
Always with ..ahem .. Conviction ..and Passion ..
for more photos from this wonderful event
taken by dear Miss Bookworm

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The 3rd Annual Robber Barons Ball ~2nd Annual Jail and ............. Tonight ~

Just guessing we all shall Still

be around on the planet ..

as we know it ..

  Join us Won't you ...

The Robber Barons:

the great American capitalists

like them or not They Built One Hell of a Nation !!!! 
Ponders .... Why are there Rockets all Around The Landing ???
A Broken Watch ..  Trees Burning Cash ???
It must mean One Thing ....

New Babbage
Piermont Landing
Proudly Presents
The 3rd Annual Robbers Baron Ball
But Wait There is More .........................
Have YOU seen This Man ???
Well ....

Piermont Landing Presents
The 2nd Annual
Jail and .........

Who will help keep the Evil Doctor Obolensky Jailed
Who will help Bail Out the Good Duchess Gabrielle Riel
How could this happen ?
Why are they there ?
How much can they raise ?
What could possibly go wrong ?
Join Us to find out these answers and More ...

* A joint benefit effort for Relay for Life
Team New Babbage and Team Aether Chrononauts

Don't Miss this fun , entertaining Unforgettable Steam Nation Event
with all proceeds going to Relay For Life of Second Life 2011

  $LooT$ Build Contest ..
27 prims
Show Us What Ya Got ..
Cash Lindens Prizes and Ribbons
all entrees due on Landing by 7pm SLT 
May 21st  Saturday ..
1st Prize...............$1500 lindens
2nd Prize....................$1000 lindens
3rdPrize.................$500 lindens

Friday, May 20, 2011

Meet Ruby From Curious Seamstress ..... shown with Shark Bait ! .. grins

Meet Ruby From GWD  Curious Seamstress
What a fun vintage 1930s swim suit this is ..
Lady Kembri Tomsen has loads of fun with this one ..
Oh Yes  there are perks included .. now now ..
Darling sunglasses and  adorable peep shoes ..
Breezy didn't want to get sand in the shoes ..
but stay tuned for the darling  shades .. below
Breezy sure does make some tasty looking Shark Bait in this sweet number
Ruby vintage swim suit from Curious Seamstress  Ruby is based on a Jantzen knit wool suit.
*smiles*  That's right ladies Jantzen is still around ..  whispers  dries a whole lot faster today too !
As Breezy relaxes and floats about ..
With The Help of Both This darling Ruby Suit
and some fun props and animations ...
What did breezy tell ya .... How cute are the sun glasses !!!!
Leave it to Kem to find us all authentic  1926 (Boardwalk) 
Foster Grant Sunglasses to wear on The Grid   !!!!
The fun is in the Sun and The Water ...
Wearing some darling Vintage, Swim wear
From Curious Seamstress
The Poses and Props used in this Blog are from
Are from the Amazing and Outstanding World of
Shark Bait
Three pose props make up this adorably sexy set! 19 poses in all these are a must have!!
Ruby From Curious Seamstress
In world and on Market Place ..
whispers I think we shall all make it through May 21st ..
so grab Ruby today .. wink...
                                 Virtual Props & Poses                                    
                                                                          Shark Bait!