Sunday, May 22, 2011

Extra Extra Read All About It .. Relay For Life of Second Life and The Robber Baron Ball

 I am Breezy Carver Fabre .. Owner of Piermont Landing
Captain of New Babbage Relay For Life of Second Life 2011
and This is How we Relay ..
 Steampunk Style
 This was  My 3rd Annual Robber Barons Ball ..
The Robber Barons Ball is with a doubt My Favorite Ball ..
However each of these monthly Balls are Most Special events ,
 Visions from my heart if you please
They can only come to Life with the help and support of many !!
I would like to take a moment to thank a Most Extraordinary Community and the Amazing characters that reside in New Babbage, our Friends and Neighbors That all together Help to make
This a Most Special Successful Event ! 
Special Thank Yous to Dr. Obolensky , Gabrielle Riel  and Dear Bookworm Hienrichs
The Clockwinder ..for allowing us all to ..  be !!
ah and to The Man that holds my hand and continues to give me the courage to believe
My Dearest Partner Doctor Rafael Fabre
We all Love Steampunk  and We each Love New Babbage 
Below just a touch of some of the reasons Why ... We so enjoy "This amazing Genre"
 Dr. Obolensky  makes his Gallant Evil Dramatic Entry .. take note to those Always Shining Shoes
((Shiny things of Course :) ))
Amazing Photo take by The lovely Kimika Ying
((thank you Kimika))
The Evil Doctor O Approaches The Lovely Miss Riel
His Reasons can be found here in detail
Of Course Miss Riel refused to assist Dr. Obolensky, and the exchange became heated.
In no Time Gabrielle Riel was locked up by The Evil Dr. Obolensky !
He then Held her for ransom! (All proceeds went to Relay for Life.)
No Worries The Good People of The Steam Land Nations Rallied together
to raise the funds for a quick release ..
The Evil Doctor Scowls ..
Bragging of Rockets Attached to Piermont Landing !!!
All Listened In Horror . as The Evil Doctor Bragged of his Diabolical Plans
For Piermont Landing and All of New Babbage !!  
Ah Wait Miss Bookworm  Henricks has Other Plans ..
*Careful Miss Book*
In no time Miss Bookworm ((Our Hero))  Had shoved The Evil Doctor Into a Cage as Well
The Good Citizens of New Babbage Friends and Neighbors Raised Funds to Keep him Captive !
The Clockwinder was Most Pleased ..
And The Evil Doctor Was Safely Caged for the entire Rest of the Event ..
With close to 60 thousand lindens Raised ..
25 thousand For The lovely Miss Riel's Release
went to Aether Chrononauts RFL Team
33 thousand went to
New Babbage RLF team for  Keeping Doctor 0 Jailed
These are our over the Top Sagas ..
They do Continue .. Smiles .. Visit New Babbage Soon
It's calling YOU .. Waiting for You ...
We are Steampunks .. We Build with Prims and Visions .
We Tell and share Stories  from Our Hearts
Always with ..ahem .. Conviction ..and Passion ..
for more photos from this wonderful event
taken by dear Miss Bookworm

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