Friday, May 6, 2011

New From from [Diktator]. Enjoy "Amelie" Pumps

Grins and  Greetings ...
Breezy has a fun loaded blog today ...   Shoes Shoes Indeed 
First how about a mention To These *Brenda* Sunglasses
From Donna Flora ..
Available in endless shades ...
Next a special Mention to the This Lovely Fox from
Eclectica  draped around Breezy's neck ..
"Eclectica 'Feral' is a set of 1920's styled fur stoles,
 nicely sculpted and textured to sit neatly around the The shoulders.
A beaded chain holds the piece in place, and flexible tails are joined with ornate metal fixings.
"foxfur" is made from entirely artificial virtual feral foxes. No actual foxes or furries have been harmed, nor any menace intended to them (despite one making off with many of my rl chicken friends). This item is based loosely on a vintage piece that I own and appreciate as a historic curiosity, and I've had a little fun with it's design ."
Tiffy Vella
in world
Market place
So now  Ladies ... We Strut ..  and Strut in these hot sexy, saucy
"Amelie Heels" .
Inspired from the real life catwalk ,this pair of heels are for sure the best for a fabulous spring /summer day .You can easily wear it with everything thanks to their style that allows them to fit at almost any kind of event

Demos available on Market Place
Create an elegant look for any event in this radiant pump from [Diktator]. Enjoy "Amelie"
Black and Gold  a closed toe platform pump.

on Market Place

*Grins* Breezy can not say enough nice things about the *Diktator Team*
Stunning clean sparkle textures used to make these Spectacular Pumps !
Watch for the Diktator Sandals coming soon to this blog !!
Visit the World of *Dikator* on Market Place
Create an elegant look for any event in this radiant pump from [Diktator]. Enjoy "Amelie"
Black and Red Pump a closed toe platform pump.

You can buy one all buy all three
Create an elegant look for any event in this radiant pumps from [Diktator].
Enjoy "Amelie" a closed toe platform pump wrapped in a single 3 color pack.
Includes Gold and Silver .. Black and Gold and Black and Red

Breezy is wearing the latest Release From *Icing*
"*Joan* is a draped satin wrap dress that is cinched in at the waist with a flexi sash The dress includes a coordinating leaf and feather cocktail hat modeled after a piece
 I found in a RL vintage shop recently."
Miko Omegamu
The fascinator is accented with rhinestones and comes in both a simple version and a veiled version with Russian netting.
Available in six colors: Black, White, Red, Purple, Green, Blue or a Fatpack of all colors. See Related Items below for links.
on Market Place


RF said...

Stunning as always, Madam Fabre!

Breezy Carver said...

Thank you Dearest Doctor :)