Thursday, June 30, 2011

LolliPop LolliPop ..ohhh It's Silent Sparrow !!!

ok ok ok ..  grins ... These are adorable .. affordable and just a must have on the grid !!
sugar tea tanks & shorts ~silentsparrow~New!!!!
But its the way you purchase them .. That Miss Hya has a bit of fun with all :)
and i do mean Fun !!!
After all .. They are Made of Cute !
pick them up @ ~silentsparrow~
sugar tea tanks & shorts ~silentsparrow~New!
::Treats Tanks & Shorts::
12 Variations available
match the socks from
The Bird of Random Socks
(seen here)
m/c/nt on all layers
Gift versions ALSO available with m/nc/trans perms :D
original illustrations.
made of cute!
pick them up @ ~silentsparrow~

pick them up @ ~silentsparrow~

~silentsparrow~ Bird of Random Socks (treats edition)
new @ ~silentsparrow~::12 original kawaii designs ::
sweets (suckers and candies) pops ( lollies and ice cream cones)
cuppycakes (cupcakes obviously!) tea (teacups and macarons)
mod/transfer/nocopy (so yes you can gift them and trade with friends)
pick them up @ ~silentsparrow~

pick them up @ ~silentsparrow~
pick them up @ ~silentsparrow~
Breezy is wearing New Hair
/Wasabi Pills/ Juliette Hair'
*Soap* Adorable and Fun Props and Poses
Virtual Props and Poses

Entre Mares Dania Gold

Entre Mares Dania Gold
Greetings It's summer time in many Regions and Some designers Just can not help themselves
In turning it up tenfold ..  Entre Mares is one of them ..
Meet  Dania in Gold and Indeed this is  Stunning Hot  Gown ..
True Elegance is indeed Timeless ..
The form fitting detailed lace cut work .. the taffeta Gold layers ..
This gown shall turn heads  ..
The Entre Mares Dania Gold Gown Oozes sophication  with ornate lace details.
The Gold  taffeta mermaid flex skirt is pure classic rich Couture !
This is the third gown Breezy has worn and Blogged on for the Lovely Miss Sykao
and her very own Signature Style shows in each of her form fitting designs ..
Well Done Indeed  ! 
 Wear Entre Mares Latest Release Dania in Gold
and feel the Second Life Magic take you over ..
Add Donna Flora Jewels ..
An Icing White Fur Stole
An Ordinal Derringer Optional of Course
but in some Cities and Genres  Highly recommended

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

BlakOpal Designs Presents~Hyperion Airship Ladies and Mens Outfits 

On Occasions, The Good Dr Fabre, Master Voyager , does bring his Seabreeze , on journey .
This was one of those Special times *smiles* .. Our Attire , Of course Nothing but the very best
Blakopal Designs latest Release for both Ladies and Gentlemen
Hyperion Airship Outfit In Rust

On Market Place Now
BlakOpal Designs Present
Hyperion Airship Ladies and Men's Outfits 
This airship pilot's outfit is fashioned out of textured wool that has a bit of wear. The jacket and pants are trimmed out in aged leather with brass buttons and buckles. The jacket has a sculpted standing collar and knee-length coattails. There's a handy utility belt around the waist. The tab-collar shirt has a pleated front, and is worn with a knit wool scarf tied around the neck. The pants have button front, and straps around the thighs. The outfit is finished off with two sets of goggles, one worn on the forehead, and one worn over the eyes.
On Market Place Now
Each Collection in Both Ladies and Men
Come with the finest textures, designed with the utmost in thought and clever Accessories ((as always)).
On Market Place Now
Take Note to the worn Leather trim .. The brilliant worn wool and the beauty of the detail to buttons !
On Market Place Now
A nothing quite say Steamy then an airship Ride with The Good Doctor ..
Wearing  Blakopal Designs ..
Grab yourself some today
Vist in world or right now On Market Place !!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blacklace gives us Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty ......

A sweet Days of Summer are Upon us States Side ..
with virtual props and poses
"A little little shining through the window
Letting me Know everything Is alright "
Blacklace has a most special "Low" Sale Item this week ..
Blacklace gives us Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty
in a limited edition color of yellow.
Aphrodite’s bodice is embellished with lace, and the optional ruffle on the bra allows for a bit of peek-a-boo, and is a reminder this angelic look is indeed a naughty one. This set includes a skirt that is swagged with a lace overlay, or for versatility you can wear the lacy corset bottom. Also included are stockings with a garter adorned with a sweet bows,
as is the corset and accompanying necklace.
A modest , Passionate and Most Happy Seabreeze this blogger be ...
Happy and quietly dancing in her beautiful Blacklace creation .. with
virtual props and poses
Like a refreshing tall glass of Lemon aid on a long beautiful June Summer Night ..
In Aphrodite, you will look like the Goddess you are, the perfect combination of grace and allure.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Please Help !! Relay for Life of Second Life - Purple Glove Dance Vote Now !!

Relay for Life of Second Life - Purple Glove Dance (contest submission)
Please go to
to vote and help us raise $5,000 for the fight against cancer!
Every Vote Counts
I even Broke Down and  Made a Face book Account for Breezy for this One ..
Nods Nods I did .
Go Relay 2011 !!!
Seasons of Hope

Chichi of London, Royal Wedding LE Gown, Beatrice,

Chichi of London, Royal Wedding LE Gown, Beatrice
 Chichi of London, Royal Wedding Collection
Ltd Edition Gown, 'Beatrice'
In World @ Their New Location

Description: 14 Item Deluxe Gown Wardrobe, in a limited edition of 150 copies only.
Contents including Hat, Working Fan, Fur Stole, Choker, Boots, etc etc.
All items depicted, with exception of jewels,avi hair, eyes, shape & skin are included
in this elegant luxury designer set from Chichi of London Couture.
On Market Place Now
In World @ Their New Location

Chichi of London is a woman's fashion design company based on a real life predecessor that was active in the late 1960's/ early 70's. Chichi virtual retains much of the spirit of its swinging 60's counterpart. Our styles are freewheeling, eclectic and fun, and cover a broad range including but not limited to Victorian, Gothic/Lolita, Fetish Wear, Costumes, Movie Actress Costumes,
Haute Couture......and of course 1960's Retro.
On Market Place Now
In World @ Their New Location

Swoons to the beauty and clean detail line work on this Back Lace Texture
On Market Place Now
In World @ Their New Location
"Chichi is a Sister Company to The Drlife Skin and Hair Co. and we maintain the same rigorous and meticulous attention to craftsmanship, quality, realism and beauty that is required of all Drlife Products....
...Please enjoy your stay at Chichi's, and feel free to ask our friendly Sales Staff any questions about our fabulous women's fashion creations!
Chichi of London Fashion Company reserves the right to modify any product or collection of products without prior notice."
On Market Place Now
In World @ Their New Location

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wasabi Pills Presents Adorable Juliette Hair

From the Wonderful Creative World of..... Miss AllDaySunday
Meet this Adorable Juliette Hair
Cuteness with pigtails!
Rush to get and see in world
Wasabi Pills latest release  Juliette Hair
Proves once again MissAllDaySunday , makes some of the Finest Hair Textures on The Grid ..
Her shades are perfect !
her Textures most thoughtful and her styles always eye catching and clever !!
These are Breezy's bangs in real life .. heh !
Kudos to MissAllDaySunday .. Captures of pure delightful wearable art !!
with beauty .. often fantasy always a delight !
when Breezy saw this style , She just smiled ..
 wore it for a few days just to enjoy the beauty ..
Each day it was noticed and complimented !
Of course it was .. This is Wasabi Pills  Hair !!

The best things In Life are Still the simple things ..
A smile .. a cute Hair Style and a Kind Heart ..
Visit Wasabi Pills today !!

Indeed ..
"I sailed an ocean, unsettled ocean
Through restful waters and deep commotion
Often frightened, unenlightened
Sail on, sail on sailor"
Visit Wasabi Pills today .. Juliette Hair is  waiting for you ..
So host a sail and visit the amazing creative !!

My Precious Ahren Couture Hat in Black

My Precious Ahren Couture Hat in Black
My Precious has released a most gorgeous couture hat called 'Ahren' to suit your styling needs. A Must have , available in Both Black and White . Breezy is wearing the Black today.
The Dress is Silence also from My Precious, avail in three different stunning styles ..
Take note to MP Ahren Couture Hat here , as Once again the signature detail
 to the Lace work is impeccable.
Breezy takes  a Stroll in Paris .. comes across this tall odd chap .. mmm . Qui !
I am meeting My Dashing  Doctor Fabre here  in Moments Sir !! ..

Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Babbage RFL Charity Bachelor/Bachelorette at Piermont Landing Followed By The Rumble Ball

Babbage RFL Charity Bachelor/Bachelorette at ~Piermont Landing ~
Followed By The Rumble Ball
  It is Not The End of Piermont Landing 
It is the Beginning of  The Piermont
Piermont landing, Saturday June 25th 6pm slt
for details
New Babbage RFL Charity Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction June 25th 5pm SLT

We have some great names this year and maybe even more to come, possibly a special guest not named yet. We hope to see you at this wonderful event directly prior to the dance that will be at 6pm slt.

New Babbage is full of great and amazing DJs. For this auction the man, the legend, the bunny, Blackberry Harvey has graciously agreed to DJ a party of the winner of this auction.

The Talented Editor in Chief of the Primgraph and Co- Host of Design World, Saffia Widdershins has been gracious enough to donate her time for this great cause. Winner of this auction will receive a dance with her at the next ball, as she is busy for this present one, as well as the ability to ask some question on editing and column writing.

Role play in New Babbage has been around since the beginning, working hand in hand with the building. Stargirl Macbain knows this almost more than anybody, and if you are the lucky person to win this auction, you can have a dance with this talented woman in character. She might even give you some tips or pointers for your roleplay.

Who does not like to hear a bed time story read to them every night before they sleep? If you are the lucky winner of this auction you might just get that when Byron Wexhome audio records himself reading a story to you. Contact Mosseveno Tenk for more information regarding this auction.

One thing that people think of when they hear steampunk is crazy contraptions and extravagant designs. The person who exemplifies this is none other than the owner of Grim Brothers herself, Cutea Benelli. This amazing woman will not be able to make it to the dance this time as of timing issues but instead she is sending her shoes! That is right, the lucky winner of this auction will receive a one of a kind pair of shoes from the Clumsy Ninja herself.

Vic Mornington is known around town for being a great builder and a talented photographer. To some however he is known for his voice. Win this auction and not only will you receive a dance with this man who is light on his feet, but as well you will have the treat of hearing him read a story of your choosing.
Start Date:
June 25, 2011 - 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Sim: Wheatstone Waterways

SoliDea FoliEs*Black Ray*

SoliDea FoliEs*Black Ray*
This Ensemble is Quite the Work of Art ..
A creative that takes One beyond if YOU Please ..
The Designer Mila Tatham of SoliDea
takes her clients on a  Personal Journey of Pure Fantasy .
The Make Up Tattoo that comes with the Couture Gown ..
*smiles* .. Amazing !!
The textures and design of the skirt  Cutting Edge in extreme Beauty .
This is The World of SoliDea FoliEs..
The Head Piece is most Dynamic in detailed outrageous Flair and wicked fun textures and Prim work .
Beauty that goes deep  is what this true Artist shows to Breezy ..
Inspired  by SLBD 8  Magic
*Black Ray* Does That .. and so much more ..
What if these Looks are truly our future Looks .. The Razor Edge of things to come ..
Be it for Fashion or to exist .. The Looks reals one in some how ..
Well Done !
Hair and Skin by Vitabella
Wear these Fantasies  Go Beyond ..
Have fun with these amazing Designers and their Most Creative Designs .

Friday, June 24, 2011

Vitabela Dubrovna's Boudoir Presents Miss Dangerous

Ah this is a Fun one ..  Introducing , Miss Dangerous from 
The Spectacular Creative world of Miss  Vitabela Dubrovna
Miss Dangerous  is Perfect for an evening of Dancing ..
 Breezy Dances with her Wondrous Partner .. Rafael .. Perfect ..
In his New Parc de la Siren, behind His Empire Jazz Club in Seraph City ..
For more info  and details on the Club and Park
Indeed the feathers and Look of Miss Dangerous is Devinne
Miss Dangerous  from Vitabela Dubrovna's  Boudoir
Sexy outfit,including dress,shoulder piece and hat
    The Gorgeous Feathers, The Leather detail ..
The Shoulder Piece and Hat .. grins Just  Amazing and stunning ... 
The name suits the Gown Miss Dangerous Indeed !
Ah a perfect evening for a tender Embrace ..
Rafael : "Dearest ,I strongly suggest you remove Your "Ordinal" Derringer"
from  My Throat Immediately"
Breezy : "Grins" ..........bang .......bang ..........oops !
(( Just Kidding he is .. quite Healthy and Well )) 
Swoon ..
The Gown, Miss Dangerous  is beautiful !!   The Style and Design,
 like this Real Life Designer herself,Vitabela Dubrovna,an Original and Most Special Delight !!
Breezy has said it before and shall say it over and over .. In this world one has to just  really enjoy it !
It shows tenfold when it is .. When it becomes a have to or  must .. somehow  that shows too ..
Life is short .. We each have a real life for stress and problems
This is the grid .. A place to come .. explore .. share and enjoy !
It is  designers Like Miss Vitabela who reminds us  of this with every creative ..
The wonderful gift .. She is a real live designer with her very own  shop in real Life ..
full of her own real life  designs .. Pretty Over the top enchanting  !! 
Please Make and take the time to visit her world in Second Life ..
It is Just bedazzling !!!  True Artistic, Beauty and Fun Designs
Miss Dangerous  A real Keeper

Thursday, June 23, 2011

[Entre Mares] Mia

[Entre Mares]  Presents One of Their Latest Gown  Meet : Mia
The Beauty of This Lace Gown is Splendid .
Layers of lace That Flow to One's every Movement .
Detailed Lace Cut work that not only shape one's body but do so with Sheer Eloquence .
Miss Sykao Adamski has really out done herself .
How many Posts does One go out of their way to start with the Back ??
(grins) ..
Really It is, quite Stunning !!
[Entre Mares] Mia
The Design House of Entre Mares is quite Impressive .
Gown after Gown of  Beauty and Grace ..
These latest collections are
Perfect for a romantic summer's evening
Breezy has blogged before for Entre Mares
and so looks forward to more entrees.
As these Designs are Most detailed with Heart .
[Entre Mares] Mia
Save the beauty, drama and Begin your very Own Journey when You Wear
Couture from Entre Mares
Visit today ..
[Entre Mares] Mia
The gown says it all ..
Jewels by the One and Only Son!a