Thursday, June 16, 2011

Grim Bros ..... Grins..... Cutea has a Surprise for all.....

 So Breezy is Doing the Firestorm Thing .. Ya know the  *shudders* The world of V2 ..
Mind you the time is  coming when we shall have to just  dive in ...
Truth The Graphics are Amazing !!!
Breezy is wearing Carnival Cassie From Grim Bros ..
Take note to the New Darling Shoes
From Grim Bros
*Mabiche Red Star*
Grim Bros Main Shop

 The Ensemble is  Timeless and Classic with over 20 pieces to Play with
Including three different Hats ..
*Umbrella not Included ..
And the Shoes well ..
You gotta all get a pair of these Steamy Saucy  Shoes
*Mabiche Red Star*
Grim Bros Main Shop

 The Textures and Lace .. The whimsy Pure Steam on The Over the Top Creative
is Just Priceless and One of a Kind Adorable
*Mabiche Red Star*
on Market Place Now
*Jack in boxes on shoes included *
**this version of the "Ma biche" heels comes at an intro price of 200L$ - for a while :)
Grim Bros Main Shop:

Next up Breezy takes a stroll in New Babbage Port
wearing Grim Bros. Blanche ..
This darling Lolita Ensemble is detailed with  Lace and Textures
that just scream Steamy Neo Victorian
Grim Bros Main Shop

We are Steam punks at heart. A Unique Genre, rich in all kinds of passionate creative
 from the heart mind and soul
 and Cutea knows just how to do Grim and Cute
every time .. With her own Signature Textures and designs
That we all Love..
Grab a copy of Blanche From Grim Bros .
Grim Bros Main Shop

Visit This Amazing True Steam punk Couture Shop Today
Grim Bros Main Shop
Derby by Hatpins

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