Thursday, June 30, 2011

LolliPop LolliPop ..ohhh It's Silent Sparrow !!!

ok ok ok ..  grins ... These are adorable .. affordable and just a must have on the grid !!
sugar tea tanks & shorts ~silentsparrow~New!!!!
But its the way you purchase them .. That Miss Hya has a bit of fun with all :)
and i do mean Fun !!!
After all .. They are Made of Cute !
pick them up @ ~silentsparrow~
sugar tea tanks & shorts ~silentsparrow~New!
::Treats Tanks & Shorts::
12 Variations available
match the socks from
The Bird of Random Socks
(seen here)
m/c/nt on all layers
Gift versions ALSO available with m/nc/trans perms :D
original illustrations.
made of cute!
pick them up @ ~silentsparrow~

pick them up @ ~silentsparrow~

~silentsparrow~ Bird of Random Socks (treats edition)
new @ ~silentsparrow~::12 original kawaii designs ::
sweets (suckers and candies) pops ( lollies and ice cream cones)
cuppycakes (cupcakes obviously!) tea (teacups and macarons)
mod/transfer/nocopy (so yes you can gift them and trade with friends)
pick them up @ ~silentsparrow~

pick them up @ ~silentsparrow~
pick them up @ ~silentsparrow~
Breezy is wearing New Hair
/Wasabi Pills/ Juliette Hair'
*Soap* Adorable and Fun Props and Poses
Virtual Props and Poses

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