Saturday, July 23, 2011

Agnes Queen Elle White

The Beauty of an Agnes Finney Gown is quite Special !
This Gown is extraordinary !
The Lace and Texture Detailing The white is Exceptional Excellence ! 
Agnes Queen Elle White
Breathtaking !!!  The lace work is sheer perfection .. Agnes Finney Signature Perfection !
The Stunning eye catching contour in the design of Agnes Queen Elle White  is remarkable ..
Clean Beautiful rich design in details .
Jewels, Crown and Scepter by 
Alienbear Jewelry Design
The Perfect Match to every Agnes Finney Gown
Especially Agnes Queen Elle White
The gown also comes in Pink, Lavender and Champagne
Each Gown Tells a Story ..
The Story You create when wearing them is up to You ..
The beauty in this gown is Indeed Quite Lovely !
The My Precious Fashion House announces it's July Fashion Show! Join in on the fun this Saturday, July 23, 2011 at 5P.M. SLT.
Come see the best in elegant and glamorous My Precious fashion with shimmery jewels provided by Alienbear Designs in a show you will not easily forget!

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