Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chichi of London 'Anyi' Signature Sun Dress Combo Set.

Ah Mid July .. In any World .. A time to relax breath .. take stock ..
in what is and sadly what is no More ..
Life Changes in any world .. Reflect , take a step back .. Perhaps reflect some more ..
 And then decide .. Alas know your heart ..  smiles ..
Perhaps tomorrow .. For  Today Brings Breezy a Wonderful Collection From
Chichi of London!
Chichi of London 'Anyi' Signature Sun Dress Combo Set.
The Perfect Sundress. Cute and versatile Mini dress all in one Combo
can also be worn as a hot pants outfit, & bathing suit, thanks to the optional
items included in box. Additional 3 colour border trim color variants of
both top, and gloves included, as is a delightful matching sunhat, and
wedge sandals. Make your Summer statement in style with Chichi!

Chichi of London 'Anyi' Signature Sun Dress Combo Set. Includes
~ Sunhat ~ Tops (3) ~ Gloves (3) ~ Mini ~ Hot Pants ~ Swim Shorts ~ Stockings (2)
~ Sculpted Sandals 
Step out of the Heat and into this  hot summer ensemble .. Have fun with this creative collection ..
Pretty soft textures .. Miss Gaius Luminos
has put a great deal of thought and passion into design !
Enjoy your summer days and nights.. Hence you shall enjoy this world even more ..
smiles and nods with a twirl ... ahh and Some  Pink Lemonade for all !


RF said...

Breezy, you look fabulous as always!

LadyJ Celestalis said...

Awesome outfit. Chichi of London has done it once again. Always does the greatest designs. You look great.