Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bare Rose Tokyo Presents New ❤Glare Night Alley Lady❤

Bare Rose Tokyo  Presents
❤Glare Night Alley Lady❤
Features include shorts, print shirt. striped stockings, arm gaurds,
shoulderpiece, belt with skirting, gloves, shoes, choker, and hair ribbons.
Also included Red, Black, and Purple color trims !
Just Love It !!
The Hair *Trish* From Wasabi Pills
The Thoughts and Battle from a SeaBreeze ..
 Her Gifts Kindness, Passion and  a Big Heart ..
Her Curses .. smiles *same* Kindness ,Passion and Big Heart ...
The Kind acts simply made her feel good .. The Passion *smiles* were her feelings .. heart felt .
❤Glare Night Alley Lady❤
 Ah and The Heart .. smiles .. She lived and earned every piece of it ....
Never looking to compete .. Never looking to take charge .. Good Leaders seldom do ..
For they are the naturals .. They are the ones that lead from and  deep within their hearts ..
If it is too much effort then it is Not for you ..
If YOU love it .. You work hard and it is a Joy ..
It goes for all things in any world .
Simply Embrace and Except there are those better then Yourself ..
Except you can learn each day ..
Except not all are going to love .. even like what you do ..
Make a Point to Ride a Real Carousel when ever ya can  !! 
❤Glare Night Alley Lady❤
 In this world,  SeaBreeze goes to Battle on a Beautiful Wooden Carousel Horse ,
From Chanimations
With a Stunning custom Blade decorated with a Pink Handle and Pink Satin Ribbon ..
She wears Ribbons and Bows in hair .
A style and flare all her own .. Indeed !
You see  She is a Warrior who cares and has heart ..  With her trusty Carousel Black Steed
She shall hope only to make a Lasting Impression ..
This is the best she can wish for .. In any world really ..
 No More No Less .. Not looking to move mountains or shake the trees ..
For with these gifts How can she go wrong .. heh, One would be surprised ..
For the Profound  almost Cruel Internet Courage of Others .. Often are laughable !!
For you see That is her ((any one's really ))  greatest Shield .. a Grand sense of Humor !!
and a vivid Imagination
See you on The Carousel .. waves and twirls
From The Amazing House of
❤Glare Night Alley Lady❤
Hair By Wasabi Pills  called Trish !
The Song ..  Breezy Loves  Loves  The Song ...

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