Sunday, September 11, 2011

~Never Forget ~ What Will You Do ~

Please watch this commercial Budweiser did after 9/11. They only aired it once so as not to benefit financially from it - they just wanted to acknowledge the tragic event ......
I was in New York with at least two dozen other people watching The Super Bowl ..
A few of us has heard a bit about this commerical as The Clydesdales had to be trained to bow their heads.. When it aired ,one could hear nothing in the room, but the Clydesdale's Hoofs ..
and sniffles .. It was and still is  quite Moving and very Powerful .
It still brings tears to my eyes ..
9/11/01 is not Political ..
It is a day to Never Forget !!
I received this as Email Holiday Greeting Dec of 2001
Perhaps the Most Moving email I have seen ...
I am a New Yorker and an American ..
I shall never Forget !!! 
September 11, 2001

and each of The Beautiful  Hero's we Lost That Day ...
God Bless Them and Theirs always ...
What will do You do on 9.11.2011


Rhianon Jameson said...

The Bud commercial was on twice during tonight Mets/Cubs game. I hand't seen it before.

Love the picture of W with the bullhorn :)

Breezy Carver said...

Ohh .. Thank you for sharing .
Interesting !!
'They Brought it Bsck'
((me too :))