Friday, October 28, 2011

BlakOpal Designs Presents Enwrapped Silks - Blue

 It is a Delight to share BlakOpal Designs Latest Release for Ladies
Enwrapped Silks - Blue
A very lovely silks outfit with lots of ways to wear it. We start by wrapping your body in long, beautiful sheer, silk scarves. The silk gathers are sheer enough to be a tease, without revealing too much. starting behind the neck, it crosses your chest in a flattering halter style, criss-crossing at the back and belly before ending low in the front. Then we use the same sheer scarves and criss-cross, wrapping both arms.
Breezy Poses with New Release Today From Virtual Props and Poses
[Virtual Props] Khaleesi Photography Pose Prop
Enwrapped Silks - Blue
Hair from The Amazing Wasabi Pills
Wasabi Pills/ Reptilia Hair
Enwrapped Silks - Blue
Enwrapped Silks - Blue
There is a gorgeous pair of harem pants of sheer patterned silk trimmed with sequins and gathered at points along the side of the leg with metal clasps, ending just below the knee. Or, if you like, remove the harem pants and wear just the wrapped silk panty. Hanging off of the wrapped bodice in front and back are contrasting flowing sheer silk scarves trimmed with sequins and a gathered edge. The back of the skirt is set off with a stunning mesh lotus flower.
The outfit is finished off with a delicate golden lotus necklace that hangs around your neck.
No matter what you choose to put on (or take off), this outfit will keep all that see you enrapt.
Enwrapped Silks - Blue
• Wrapped bodice
• Wrapped arms
• Wrapped panty
• Harem pants
• Skirt with mesh lotus flower
• Necklace with sculpted chain and mesh flower
This outfit makes use of Mesh objects and Multi-Wearables in SL. Viewer 3.0 (or later) strongly recommended.
This item comes with copy + modify permissions, which enable you to create your own outfit combinations, and customize the fit on your avatar if you choose. It may also be purchased as a gift from the display in the store.
The Shoes  The Shoes
Best Slippers on the Grid .. Photos just do not do them Justice .
Palace Slipper - Blue
a beautiful, stylish mesh slipper shoe. Wrapped in textured silk and elegantly embroidered in metallic thread on the toe, sides and heel. The shoe has a low stacked leather heel, perfect for lounging or dancing (or anything, really!) These shoes are designed to match the BlakOpal Enwrapped Silks outfits (sold separately.)
• Mesh shoe
• Shoe base
• Alpha layer
This outfit makes use of Mesh objects and Multi-Wearables in SL. Viewer 3.x (or later) recommended.
 Enwrapped Silks - Blue

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