Tuesday, November 1, 2011

*SoliDea FoLiEs* Marinella

 Breezy adores this ensemble from the one and only
 Most Passionate ((and wicked fun !!)) Creative Artist  Mila Tatham
*SoliDea FoLiEs*  presents ... Marinella
What fun Breezy had and spent with this stunning Steamy Creative ..
Lets start with the Hat and Parasol ..
Two Parasol versions .. one flying , one standard over the shoulder .. grins
 This is a V2 or later ensemble .. Alpha magical creative that take the wearer to that
Prefect over the top Place ..  notice the faint heart beating in the caged corset .  beat beat beat !!!
the beautiful gears .. ah and the smooth Textures ..
 Two Long thoughtful elegant Skirt options .included with Marinella. One is a tad extra longer .. smiles
Jewels from Donna Flora
Hair from Boon
Photos take at The Looking Glass
Did I mention the Stilts ????
Sheer Brilliant in Creative and Stunning  Neo Victorian Steampunk Design
Great Work and Marvellous Passionate Creative from *SoliDea FoLiEs*
For four years Breezy has resides in New Babbage .. A Steampunk Nation
Often wearing White .. smiles .. to see these Amazing New Releases from *SoliDea FoLiEs*
Just made her own heart beat .. Hence the heart beats are also from her heart  in the cage ..
Stop by and get one of these Limited Creative Esenmble @ *SoliDea FoLiEs*
what are you waiting for .... go now ..  smiles

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