Friday, December 23, 2011

Blacklace to warm ya all cause .. Baby its Cold Outside ....

Blacklace has a new design out for this weeks TOSL…and its time to celebrate!

Blacklace Santa’s Baby for ToSL

This week we have a limited edition colour of Santa’s Baby in pink for Taste of SL. This is 99L for one week only and includes a velvet corset with fur trim, lacey panties, garters and stockings on multiple layers plus a set of snowflake jewellery and a pink Santa hat. All prims are modifiable and resizeable.

In The Spirit of The Season .. Share Care and Give
Blacklace always is the very best in showing you care
Gift Cert available !!!!
Lil'lace has a new release for you, and its temptingly cute!

Jingle my Bells is a hand drawn buckled corset with festive matching green and gold bra and panties. Adorning this sexy little number is a tiny bow with.. what other little bells!
This is a limited edition set, just for the holidays so hurry to get yours!
 Laya is a Limited Edition Christmas Holiday Release from Blacklace Lingerie. Like all of Blacklace items, it is transfer and available to give as a gift. This set comes in many... many layer options and with an X rated option too for the more playful at heart. The antlers, harness, belt & collar is mod.
In World
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In World
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Rush to grab this limited holiday Release On Market Place
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