Sunday, December 11, 2011

CHIC Management brings us the With Love Hunt again.

 Short Blog today forgive Breezy. For the Days are going way too fast
and  The Nights well they just seem always seem Fly..
The With Love Hunt 2 will be the fifth CHIC Management hunt with 100 participating brands & will begin on December 9th & run till January 6th.
For Shops and Clues click link :)
 Each hunt Item will be for sale at 10L with a Value at or around 400L. The concept for this hunt is simple; thanking customers for their loyal support throughout the year.
Breezy is wearing with Love Hunt Items
White Willow Tattoo Firtree 
Skin Boho Beauty Milk Frost Bite
Jack Spoon Knitted Dress
Inde Designs Red Cap Ladies (( with Hair )
Mittens: Izzie’s – Norwegian Mittens pink

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