Monday, December 5, 2011

Curious Seamstress presents Miss Bella ..

 Curious Seamstress presents Miss Bella ..
"Thank you for your purchase of this lovely 1930s wedding gown, Miss Bella. It is based on a wedding gown of the period and was made by request for a lady. I had my eye on this gown for quite a while, but hadn't made it. Once the request came in, it seems it was fate nudging me to get on with it!
It is a biased cut gown with much bead work. It's meant to be slinky and flowing, and it's not just a wedding gown. I really think it's one of the most beautiful light colored satin gowns I've seen out of that period. I would wear it to any event that needed a stunning look!"
-Lady Kembri Tomsen
Curious Seamstress
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The hair piece is left mod and is minimal for a reason. I felt the gown was so dramatic with its details that it didn't need a huge veil. Not all the 1930s wedding veils were the cap style that seems so predominant in period pictures. Pearl colored lily flowers in silk were popular, and sometimes worn on a band on both sides of the head. I've taken that concept and made it a single side headpiece.
-Lady Kembri Tomsen 
Curious Seamstress  
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This truly is a stunning  satin gown with  intricate bead work.
Perfect for either a 1930s wedding or evening out.
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Two sets of under garments included .. smiles
Lady Kembri does think of everything .. *wink*
Enjoy this Most stunning Satin Doll yet on all The Grid !!!
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No matter what angle one's looks at this Most exquisite Gown
The take in Looks are each Gorgeous !!
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