Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Grim Bros For Christmas Oh Yes !!!!

 This is the Wonderful world of Grim Bros .
Cutea is a Most Special Creative whimsy Passionate Gal .
At Christmas time Her Spectacular World of Grim Bros.
Opens it arms to all ..
On Market Place
In World
 Breezy had a dream .. She was wearing  a Gorgeous Gown From Grim Bros .
The Textures are just most brilliant , Vintage and always Most Original .
In World

this is the latest in shoulder reindeer technology!

ok, actually it's just a rather cute shoulder critter and not very technological at all. it's a tiny red-nosed reindeer that hangs over your shoulder and looks around. it moves its head and blinks and wiggles its wacky eyes in nervous and weird ways. rather cute in a not very pretty way :)
Rudy is so relaxed that on touch, he will play a christmasy tune (two versions included in the box: a harmonious "have yourself a merry little Christmas" and a somewhat wacky cartoon voice singing "deck the hall"). Rudolph wears a little Santa hat because he is in a festive mood.
please note: this fits best for smaller avatars with narrow shoulders. your mileage may vary.
ALSO NOTE: You _must not resize_ Rudolph (resizing messes up the animation and will end up looking very awful and somewhat painful to the reindeer)
In World

On Market Place

Visit Grim Bros Today In World
Come See the Skating Sheep !!!! The amazing designs and whimsy creative 
 In World

The World of Grim Bros
Fashion that Indeed Makes a Statement
with creative fun beautiful Textures and Designs
In World

To Cutea a very special lady and Breezy would like to think a dear most thoughtful and kind Friend.
Merry Christmas
A Most Happy and Healthy New Year
CONTACT INFO For Grim Bros .
Please do not hesitate to contact  (Cutea Benelli) in-world by note card if you have any questions or if something went wrong with xstreet delivery.
dozens and dozens of creative gifts  can be found at the Grim Bros.
 Mainstore, Clematis Island.
While you are there, grab some freebies, slap the MM board and oh, check out for sales and marked down items which we do not offer on Xstreet! We have many wearables, beautiful, extravagant and fun, for male and female avatars.

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